Change the Looks of Your IKEA PAX Wardrobe

Nathalie van Ravels
by Nathalie van Ravels
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2 Hours

Hi everyone . after 11 years, I was fed up with my wardrobe. I didn't wanna buy a new one 'cause it still has its is very practical but I didn't like that you could see my clothes through the glass sliding doors. Painting the glass wasn't an option. changing the doors expensive ... so I used some solar window film for cars. Cheap and very easy to use.

first I cleaned the sliding doors with some hot water mixed with white vinegar and dish washing soap. No worries if they aren't dry . you need to spray them with water to stick the solar film.

In the box I bought, I got a tiny cutter knife and a plastic ruler to stick the film and get the air bubbles out

spray a large amount of water on the glass

measure the glass but cut out a little bigger .It makes it easier to place. especially when you're doing it on your own like I did. take the protective film of the black sticky part.

start spreading the film over the glass using the plastic ruler. push out the air bubbles. water will come out . when you are okay with the result, cut the edges using the ruler.

5 more to go. I already like it. fancy !

all done. it gives a shiny, mirror effect. I like the result and it only cost me about $6,8

Suggested materials:
  • Dunlop solar window film   (Belgian store called action)
  • Water
  • Cutter knife and plastic ruler
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  • Zanne Goldwire Zanne Goldwire on Jun 05, 2019

    Was was your total cost for film, and where did you purchase it? Thx in advance for response.

  • Diane Schule Diane Schule on Jan 16, 2021

    Applied to inside or outside of doors? Are the doors removable (should have been my first question!)

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  • Johanne Palange Johanne Palange on Jan 16, 2021

    I never understood why people want see through closet doors. It's like your're living in a storage room. So inelegant. The film you put makes it all look neater and dramatic. I like it.

  • Cara Cara on Jan 16, 2023

    Thanks for the great idea. I'll be trying it this week! Great job