DIY High Gloss Lacquer Finish On Wood

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Sometimes even a high gloss polyurethane isn't enough to achieve the high-end look of a lacquered furniture piece. Polyurethane also requires multiple dry times and reapplications, which could take days to achieve. With this DIY epoxy glaze, you can get the look of a high-end lacquer in just a few easy steps, without resanding and reapplying.

This epoxy glaze can be applied directly over any paint color or stain of your choice. I used this finishing technique on my daughter's closet shelving, which had been stained with a rainbow technique.

How to achieve a super high-gloss finish with Famowood Glaze Coat Epoxy Coating

Before I began the glazing process, I added some of my daughter’s favorite stickers to the boards. Since the epoxy coating is extra thick, the stickers became permanently imbedded. So if you’re worried about the longevity of this project, keep this in mind: Whatever you put under the glaze will be there forever.

EPOXY STEP ONE: Measure out equal parts resin and hardener

I used two disposable cups to measure. Since the mixture is 1:1, I didn’t eve have to get any special measuring containers! Each cup had a little lip that I used as my measuring point to make sure both were equal.

EPOXY STEP TWO: Mix epoxy and hardener

Refer to your package directions, in addition to this tutorial, and you will see that you are required to mix the solution for a full twelve minutes. First, for six minutes in your first container.

Then you will pour that solution into a clean container and stir for an additional six minutes.


I began by pouring puddles of glaze down the direct center of each plank of wood.

Then I used a plastic trowel to smooth the glaze out to the edges. Don’t worry about getting the entire surface smooth. Glaze Coat Epoxy Coating is self-leveling. So just like nail polish, it will harden evenly when applied no thicker than 1/8”.

Once the board is completely coated, allow to harden for 72 hours.

I couldn’t stop checking on the project. Each time I looked, it got better and better! I especially love the depth of the grain and knots in the wood, now that the colors have saturated them.

Suggested materials:

  • Famowood Glaze Coat Epoxy Wood Glaze   (Hardware Store)
  • Gloves   (Hardware Store)
  • Wallpaper Smoothing Trowel   (Hardware Store)
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  • William William on Apr 17, 2019

    Super tips and instructions. A lot of people have problems using epoxy resin. Probably because they're in a hurry and skip a few steps. You make it simple and doable for anybody.