DIY My $22 RV Makeover

Lisa A Salazar
by Lisa A Salazar
We just bought a Motorhome and the bedroom was out dated.
DIY Motorhome Bedroom Makeover
I found 2 Better Home & Garden curtain panels on sale for 10.27 each. (Aqua )

Other things I needed I already had

1 unused bed skirting (brown)

An old blanket for batting (headboard)

plywood my husband had in storage (

otherwise I would have used the half moon headboard that came fr the RV).

Extra bedding I already had.

A staple gun

screw driver to remove old window treatments.

And a little help from my Hubby.
My husband took the headboard off the mirror which was attached to it heavy duty velcro. I was going to re use it but I felt a rectangle headboard would make the bed look bigger.

I took a chance and asked him if he by chance had some spare plywood left over from our deck remodel and I got lucky he cut it to size for a new headboard.

He also took down all the box window treatments.
Bathroom valance.
I had him remove the window treatment in the bathroom also.
New headboard
I used at old thick blanket for the batting of the headboard which I pulled taught and stapled first. Then I cut one of the curtain panels to size and centered it pulled it taught as I stapled away.

I framed it with pieces of material cut from a brown bedskirt I never used. I applied the same way by pulling the material taught and stapling.
Window Treatments
When I got the old window treatments I took off the cording and cleaned them up. I used the material already on them as batting and just cut the curtain panels and skirting to size.

I used the already sewed parts of the curtain panels in front and stapled all the cut material to the back. (No sewing was done)

After I completed the window box treatments my husband screwed them back into place.
Bathroom Valance
I then added my bedding and the result was a fresh crisp cozy looking bedroom.

This project took about 5 hours to complete just because my staple gun was giving me little bit of problems.
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  • Kena Quebbeman Kena Quebbeman on Nov 13, 2018

    How are these attached to wall? Show how hardware was removed.

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  • Mary Mary on Nov 11, 2015
    So awesome, and thrifty with class!!! 110% better, its gorgeous. If you do anymore updates I hope you share them too..I'm considering either an rv or thow for my daughter and I. Any decorating will have to be done on a negative budget ;). Blessings
  • Keith Ehlers Keith Ehlers on Mar 27, 2019

    This was cool and awesome project, especially for the money put in! Good Job and well done.