Asked on Jan 25, 2020

How can I make this crown canopy for my daughter's bedroom?

by Leanne

I'm doing my daughter's bedroom and saw this gorgeous gold crown wall plaque with a bed canopy. Every crown I have found is either way too small or $200. So I've been scouring the internet and have come up with 3 choices. 1. Buy this pink metal crown and spray paint it, hang a curtain rod then curtains and drape them over the bed2. Not sure if I'm even saying the right words but I'll attach photos. Hang a cornice and find a pretty valance to hang curtains from. I even saw someone put the small gold crown above it. 3. Just buy a pretty bed canopyI'll attach the photos in the order I'm writing about them. Also can I recreate the look of the gold swirly things on the cornice, the one with the crown.


UPDATE: FIRST OF ALL YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING! I LOVE YOU ALL FOR HELPING ME! SERIOUSLY WHAT A COMMUNITY OF KIND, GENEROUS, SELFLESS PEOPLE! So I had to go a different direction. My mom just got a lung transplant. The day after I posted this. Also my daughter asked to have the whole house be frozen 2 for her Bday party that I was hosting, 4 days away. There was no way I was getting everything done so I had to settle for less. Her room is not finished and she is going to help me. I am going to paint the wall. Like one of these below. If anyone knows how I would love if they could post. Here is a picture of her unfinished room. I got the bedspread and a canopy and a unicorn head( waiting to hang it until we paint)she was happy with it anyway.

Spray paint this gold and hang a curtain rod underneath?

How would I do this? Is it a cornice or valance?

Can I find something to recreate the gold part under the crown? What would I search for?

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