What to Do With Your Christmas Tree When You Have 4 Small Kids...

I needed to get my Christmas tree out of reach of my 15 month old son.
I needed a quick and simple (read free) way to get my tree off of the ground and out of the path of Mr. Grabby Hands, my 15 month old son. My mom recently gave me this old night stand that I was going to refinish.
I decided it would serve me much better over the next few years as a tree stand. I simply drilled a hole the size of the tree trunk. I took the base completely off of the trunk, inserted it into the table and kept it at an angle while I reattached the base to keep it steady. I will update this post once it is all decorated. Be sure to measure for ceiling height and the height of your tree before attempting. I plan on wrapping the bottom with fabric to look like a package.
Here you can see the rough hole I drilled.
A picture from the under side of the table.
The tree is 6ft tall and the table is a little over 2 ft tall. The base ended up setting about 14 inches off of the ground. Just enough to be a little over the head of Mr Grabby Hands. :)
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  • Barb Barb on Nov 24, 2015
    I had a friend that did that also. She had twins and they are hard to keep track of. She put hers in a playpen. Your idea certainly solved the problem Lori.

  • Rtoledoguy Rtoledoguy on Jan 08, 2017
    Never had a problem with the kids and the tree. We taught our children not to touch! Old fashioned way but it works touch something and you get your hand slapped