Legend of Zelda inspired her room

3 Weeks
My granddaughter loves the video game Legend of Zelda. So we used it for inspiration when we put her room together. Her bunk bed is Hyrule castle. She loves it and there is nothing better than hearing all her friends proclaim that she has the coolest room ever! Everything in her room was made/re-purposed for her room. Her toy box was her great grandparents dresser. Her bunk beds were made to fit along the wall with room at one end on the bottom for her books and the top for her art supplies. The door hides the ladder and her stuffed animals.
Her bed, made to fit this wall.
Door to the castle, hides her stuffed animals and the ladder to the top bunk.
Her closet, shelves on both sides to hold her clothes so there is no need for a dresser in her room. I painted the flowers to resemble a vine covered wall.
Due to allergies, all the floors in the house are painted concrete. She has a "stone path" surrounding her room and a field of flowers.
Her bed with canopy curtains for privacy.
I re-purposed a vintage dresser that needed a LOT of love into a toy box for her.
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