How to Make an Impressive Rustic DIY Wood Crate Coffee Table

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If you're searching for affordable living room furniture, this DIY coffee table made from wooden crates is a great option. With just a few inexpensive materials and some basic DIY skills, you can create a beautiful rustic farmhouse coffee table that will add style and functionality to your living room without breaking the bank.

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This homemade coffee table is not only cost-effective, but it's also a fun project that you can do with your family or friends. You can easily find wooden crates at your local hardware or craft store for a fraction of the cost of a store-bought coffee table.

This rustic farmhouse coffee table will be the perfect centerpiece in your living room, providing a warm and welcoming atmosphere to your home.

Stained wooden crates stacked in pairs

1. Staining and assembling the wood crates

To begin, head to your local craft store and grab four wood crates.

Apply a coat of stain to each crate, and wipe off the excess with a rag to bring out the beautiful color of the wood. 

Applying wood glue to a wooden crate

Once dry, use wood glue to join two crates together to form an L shape. Spread the glue along the crate using your finger, this is okay if you are using non-toxic glue, but make sure not to get the glue on the edges as it will spill over the sides once you put the second crate on top. 

Attaching two wooden crates together with brad nails

Repeat with the remaining two crates. Use screws or one-inch brad nails to hold the crates in place while the glue dries.

Sticking small Jenga pieces onto the top strip of a wooden crate

2. Adding small strips of wood 

While the crates are drying, let's focus on creating the center part of our square coffee table. To do this, we will use little strips of wood, such as Jenga pieces. We're going to set those down from the top of the crate and glue those along the edge to make sure we have a straight line.

Once the strips are securely glued in place, they will form the center of our rustic coffee table. At the end of the project, we will insert a piece of wood on top of the strips. This will be the perfect base for adding a cute centerpiece to give the table some added style.

By incorporating this simple and affordable design element, we can transform our plain wooden crate table into a beautiful and functional piece of furniture that will enhance the overall look and feel of our living room.

DIY coffee table with wooden crates

3. Joining the two L-shapes together

Now that the 2 L-shapes have dried, it's time to connect them to create the final shape of the project. To do this, we will apply glue to the top part of one of the L-shapes and then attach the other L-shape to it, ensuring that they are lined up perfectly. 

Furniture from crates

This step is really important and requires a bit of precision and patience to get it just right. But rest assured, with a little bit of focus and attention to detail, you'll be able to tackle this step without any issues. 

Once the two halves are securely joined together, we will reinforce the connection with screws or brad nails. These fasteners will make our project super strong and sturdy, which means it'll last for years and years without any problems. 

2" x 2" pieces of wood

4. Creating Legs for the Coffee Table

Now it is time to construct the legs, which should measure 6 inches in length, using two by two pieces of wood. 

An X marked on the top of a 2" x 2" wood piece marking the center point

Each piece of wood should be drilled in the center. To determine the center, take a ruler and mark it from corner to corner, creating an X shape. This will give you the perfect center point. 

Drilling through the center of a piece of wood

Use a quarter-inch drill bit to drill through the wood, down about two or three inches. It is important to clear out any sawdust or debris left inside. 

Homemade coffee table

Once that's done, stick a quarter-inch insert into each of the drilled holes. Use an Allen wrench to get the insert into the holes. It may be difficult at first, but as the piece goes in, it will start getting easier. Ensure that it is inserted tightly. The legs can now be stained.

Drilling a hole at the bottom of the wood crate coffee table to insert the leg pieces

At the bottom of the new table, mark the location of each leg's corner and drill a quarter-inch hole. 

A dark bolt inserted into the drilled hole for the legs

Then, use a dark bolt that matches the stain to connect the legs. 

A leg attached to the DIY crate table

This screw mechanism makes the legs removable, if necessary. For now, ensure that they are tightly screwed on.

Placing a square wood piece into the center of the coffee table

5. Decorating Your New Table

Finally, drop a piece of wood onto the Jenga strips on the table's bottom. 

DIY wood crate coffee table

I added glass pebbles and a blue pitcher vase on top of my square. 

Square rustic coffee table

I also styled the table with books and a farmer's truck in one section and a planter in another section. All these elements added to the rustic farmhouse vibe I wanted to achieve. 

Go ahead and style your table with all the elements that fit your decor. The possibilities are endless. 

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Rustic farmhouse coffee table

DIY wood crate coffee table

This DIY project is an excellent way to create a square rustic coffee table that's perfect for any living room.

Making furniture from crates is an affordable and fun DIY project that will bring a unique farmhouse style to your home. With just a few tools and some creativity, you can create a beautiful DIY wood crate coffee table that will be the envy of all your guests.

So why not give it a try and make your own DIY coffee table with wooden crates? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

Suggested materials:
  • Four wood crates
  • Stain
  • Towel or rag
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