Mudroom for 4, in About 2 Sq. Feet of Space - Featuring Fusion Paint

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I have been dreaming of a mudroom for quite some time but since we rent, I needed to come up with a portable idea. I entered a Fusion Mineral Paint contest and gave the project that I would most like to create as a "spinning mudroom". I was picked as one of the winners! Which made this design go from an idea to reality. The great thing about this project is that there are many places that you can stop along the way and call your project done. For example, it doesn't have to spin to still be functional. Another alternative is if you leave off the lazy susan and the bottom crates it is a very cool toddler bench. This is the first time that I have used Fusion Mineral Paint and their clear Beeswax Finish. The color that I won was Renfrew Blue. I had so much fun playing with the paint and wax. The color is really pretty and very intense. I hope the color really comes through in my pictures because it really is a show stopper. I tried to do a variety of techniques to show just some of the colors and looks that you can achieve from one container of paint. And if you want to see what I make next with my Renfrew Blue paint just follow me to see my next project which is an Ikea hack.

This is a collage of some things that inspired me with this project. The top left is the Renfrew Blue Fusion Mineral Paint and Beeswax Finish that I won. The next picture tells how adding one light coat of Renfrew Blue can create different colors. But take note that when I added a second coat of Renfrew Blue, it didn't matter what color was underneath, they all became the same dark teal color. This was my experience. The bottom right picture is a piece of furniture at Hobby Lobby that inspired me to create this look. I know my project didn't end up a complete replica of this, it was just some eye candy and inspiration. Originally, I wanted to use hooks like the top left but I couldn't find three more so I switched to other coat hooks where I could buy 4 matching ones.

There are a lot of pieces to this project and I am going to just total up the main structure for a ballpark estimate. For the lazy susan portion, I used two glue edge rounds (Common: 1-1/31 in. x 23-3/4 in.; Actual: 1.0 in. x 23.75 in.) from Home Depot at $7 each and the lazy susan hardware from Lowes that was $10. The four crates were $10 each. The lockers consisted of 1 aspen panel board 3/4 by 18 by 48 inches for $15 (Lowes was clearing these out) and the sides were 2 stain-ready panels 3/4 by 12 by 48 inches at $11 each, and my shelf on top is just a piece of scrap wood that I already had. If my math is correct, around $101. I am sure if you have mad skills as a wood worker you can cut these pieces yourself and save some money. I don't have the tools to cut my own or the skills  so I don't mind paying a little more for precut panels for my projects.
I began by painting my crates. I painted them white and then applied the Renfrew Blue over top leaving a distressed look. I think the saddest part of this project was when I realized how many sides of my pretty painted crates weren't going to show in the end. I wanted to go buy two more crates to use instead, but in the end I ran out of time.  But I took lots of pictures and I will try to recreate them!
The bottom of my mudroom is a lazy susan. It is made from two glue rounds with lazy susan hardware sandwiched between. I stained the rounds with a dark colored stain and applied the Renfrew Blue on top of the dried stain. Then I topped again with white and again with Renfrew Blue.
Here are my rounds in process... The slats on the left are the true Renfrew Blue color and they will go in the bottom of some of my crates.
Then I sanded them to further bring out the layers.
I think this part was the hardest part for me. I assembled the lazy susan portion of the project. I actually bought and assembled both of the hardware systems that you see pictured and did a test of which I liked best for my spinning mudroom. For me, it was the larger one that was $10, I think the other was $7. I am going to post a video showing how to assemble this. I attached the hardware to the bottom round using the small holes, then there is a larger hole to the right. That is where I drilled completely through my round. It is through this hole that you attach the top round to the lazy susan hardware. I think a video will help to show this.
I glued my aspen panel (3/4 by 18 by 48) between the backs of two crates. I used an extra crate just as support at the top while it dried. And I put a crate on top of the two crates that are being glued to the panel. It just gives a little bit more weight to ensure the glue does its job. I added the two side panels to this piece and put a small board across the top.
In the end, I created three pieces that will be screwed and bolted into place. This way when we move, we can break it down easily. Each of these pieces, I can lift myself. I am not a weight lifter, so they can't be very heavy!
The crates that are glued back to back go next on top of the lazy susan. These are screwed down through the slats into the top of the lazy susan.

The locker unit goes on top and there you have it! A spinning mudroom for 4.
A BIG THANKS to Fusion Mineral Paint for supplying the Renfrew Blue Mineral Paint and the Beeswax Finish for this project. I have several more projects featuring this paint on the horizon.
And here is a video of it spinning with help of my husband and our supervisor, our golden retriever, Sky.

One of the comments said this would be a great bathroom idea! I love it! Here I tried to style it so you could be inspired by this insightful comment as well! Thanks Linda!!!!

Suggested materials:

  • Aspen Panel   (Lowes)
  • 2 Stain grade panels   (Lowes)
  • Wood Crates   (Michaels)
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  • Patty Patty on Apr 16, 2017
    Any problems with it tring to tip over? I couldn't imagine how it would look and work till I saw the finished product. Very creative and love the way you painted the rounds.

  • Beltinka Beltinka on Apr 16, 2017
    Brilliant idea! Looks great! I might see if my son and dil are interested and make my next trip a project visit. Did you consider crates on top instead of a basket or would it have been top heavy?

  • Sue Sue on Apr 16, 2017
    what kind of dog do you have? looks like mine! Very cute project.


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