Wine Rack From Scraps

2 Days
Time to clean up the shop... Aka the garage, my husbands side. Where in the last few months he has not been able to park inside due to the over abundance of projects.
I receive ALOT of pallets at work. We can either put them out by the dumpster like all the other tenants in our complex. The fait of them is the recycle plant where they will be ran through a huge wood chipper 😭!! or I can make something beautiful out of these otherwise disguarded gems.
I started by pulling out all the nails I had to cut to disassemble the pallet. These things are built really tough!! Then I made a few crack repairs with my favorite wood glue, Gorilla Glue. When the glue was dry the next day I sanded and sanded and sanded until everything was smooth.
This is where I drive my hubbs CRAZY.. I dont ask for help.. He should have never taught me how to use all these cool tools if he wanted to be the hero.. He's my hero really, just don't tell him. Anyway, I drilled 3 holes in each of my boards to accomidate the bottles, setting them on the side edge, I glued and screwed end to end together in a zig zag form. I built the back by gluing and nailing 2 cross pieces to the back of the boards to form a 1 plank of 4 boards across. I layed my zig zag piece on top of the plank and traced where it would be placed, drilling small pilot holes in the plank all the way through the board to use as guide from the backside. I used 3 screws per zig zag to secure.
I decided not to stain this one. The wood has such a beautiful grain to it, I applied 2 coats of clear wax and rubbed and polished it to a shine. This is gonna be heavy once the bottles are added so hanging will be done by cleat.
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  • Kayla Kayla on Nov 13, 2017
    It's beautiful! I love that you used repurposed wood!

  • Linda Abate Linda Abate on Jul 27, 2018

    This is so awesome and would make a great gift for a newly married couple that enjoys drinking wine. Nice job.