Hanging Wall Pots

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4 Days
Your Plants can't live without this!!!Learn how to make awesome wall decor for your plants.

Okay so for the first step you will need to blow up your balloon and when tying make sure and tie in a thick rubber band to hang it by.
For the next step I used modeling clay. Separated it into 4 secitons and rolled each section out trying to keep the shape round.
Then wrap it around the balloon creating a satchel like effect.
Don't forget to tape them to the wall and leave overnight to dry.
For the next step I plastered the insides with plaster of paris. Giving it two thin coats.
Then I used resin to coat the inside.
For the straps I used recycled belts that I got from the thrift store.
Don't forget to visit my blog to see what products I used. This project took me three attempts testing different products before I found a combination that was durable enough and fully waterproof. Don't do the same mistakes I did.  My first attempt ended up smushed on the floor after the first night hanging.
What do you guys think?  Cute? I decided to give my pots drainage holes. This is totally optional but, surprisingly I don't find it that disturbing. My husband was super cautious about this and was trying to talk me out of it but, I took the chance because I know it's hard for plants to survive without drainage. I simply take the plants outside for watering or leave a towel on the floor below it for 10 minutes. As easy as that.
That's it for today. Thanks for tuning in.

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Lily Oleynik
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  • Tauheedah Gomes Tauheedah Gomes on May 02, 2019

    Hi from California

    if you air dry how long? I’d put Lilly in it

  • Christina Wileman Christina Wileman on Oct 15, 2019

    Could you skip resin n add a plastic flower pot inside?

  • Leslie Leslie on May 05, 2020

    Beautiful pot, thank you for sharing your process. What I don't understand is why didn't you use Polymer Clay. It is a plastic based compound so it won't sweat or leak. If the plaster is used to strengthen the pot for the screws why not buy a can of Flex Seal or even Plasti Dip and then add a small washer so that the pressure from the nut has something to disperse it. I would also afix the strap with some E-6000 to add a bit more strength for the screw/nut. You can also get copper wire or if you want any wire paint the plain silver wire if you want and form it into a ring and holder so that the pot can sit inside the ring and you can either attach a leather strap to it or make a hanger of same wire. Another idea is the macrame with not a thick string. FYI Polymer Clay has a learning curve. It is cured in an oven and is not like Porcelain / Air Dry Clays. :) I have one question please which you did not address in either of your tutorials. Did you put water inside the balloon to give it some weight when hanging? The pic looks like you did :)


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  • Sharon Sharon on May 03, 2019

    Puta shallow layer of aquarium rocks at the bottom of the pot. Adda small handful of water beads in the bottom before you add soil. The water beads will absorb and hold the extra water. That should allow you to avoid drilling any holes in this cute pot.

  • Sharlene Laurie Waugh Sharlene Laurie Waugh on Apr 24, 2020

    Absolutely gorgeous! Top-notch look!