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Not a very complicated woodworking project, I used a regular 4x4 cut in 3 1/2 inches pieces to make squares (for some reason the 4x4 is really 3 1/2 x 3 1.2 inches). The rest is just different cuts to make different shapes. If you have any question please comment ! (english is my second language, forgive the grammar errors)
So I did
So I cut 5 pieces of a regular 4x4 (actual size 3.5x3.5 in) in 3.5 inches to make squares.
For the first one I divided 3.5 in in 3 (1 3/16 inch aprox) and I did a inch deep cut in all the faces so it looks like a bunch of small squares that makes a bigger square. You need to sand and use any finish, I decided to paint the bottom squares with copper spray. Make a hole in the top center and thats it! :D
This is the end result!
For the second planter, I did a angle cut in 2 corners on the top, and the other 2 corners on the bottom. Sand, any finish, spray paint if you want, hole in the top and DONE!
This is the end result!
For the third, I cut a smaller portion in an angle in all the top and bottom angles. then sand, finish, paint and the hole :D
Here it is my version!
For this one I did a very small cut each 2/8 of an inch only in one direction (the walls). SAND, FINISH, PAINT, HOLE!
For the last one, it is very dangerous, please DO NOT DO THIS. I did it on my own risk. I won't explain how because I don't want anyone to try this).
This is how that one look! And that's it, they are very nice, You could do it with bigger lumber for bigger versions of the same design. If you have any other ideas, share it with me! Hope you enjoy it!
Suggested materials:
  • 4x4 lumber   (HomeDepot)
  • Any Saw   (HomeDepot)
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