Striped Copper Planter

3 Materials
1 Hour
Give your indoor plants a copper stripped makeover!
I love having plants in my house and currently my tiny lean-to is full of herbs, lavender and ferns. I jokingly call it my kitchen garden when I cut some springs of coriander for my cooking. Then again I call the lean to my daylight studio, DIY room and utility room as well.... Not bad for a space that is no bigger then 1 by 2 meters! :)
All those plants need to have pretty pots though, there is a big window looking into the lean-to from my living room and plain old terracotta pots just won't do. So I came up with this super easy planter makeover to inject some style into my herbs. All you need is some white paint and slug/snail tape. Slug tape is made from copper, these slimies don't like crawling over the copper to get to your plants (I think it gives them a teeny electrical shock) The tape keeps your plants safe but is also great to craft with! Have a look at the video below to see how quick you can transform your planters from boring to stylish.
Easy right? And as copper is still big thing this summer your plants will be very on trend :) I don't like the stripes to be to neat and prefer the more wonky natural look. If you however prefer precision I would mark out where you want to put the stripes to make sure the copper stripes keeps an even distance from each other. You can pick up a roll of copper slug tape in any good DIY store, garden centre or online. The planter in the video used up a quarter of my roll.
Suggested materials:
  • Copper tape
  • Planter
  • White paint
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