This is a playground that I designed last year that was installed at a Local Atlanta Preschool.

The design requirements were based on The National Arbor Day Foundation's Nature Explore Classroom program. It really was fun to put together. I am currently working on two other similar projects, and hope to have more photos moving forward!
A gathering ring of logs also doubles as a unique balance beam
The site was flat, so we added mounds for in-ground slides and climbing features.
We needed to separate the play area from the planting and garden area while still allowing the kids to go from one to the other, so we created a bridge. It slows and channels the flow of the kids without needing a gate.
These Planting walls were an Idea that I modified from a blog that I follow. They allow each classroom to have a space to plant flowers or herbs without requiring tons of real estate for different plots. The planting shelves are gutters.
This building platform offers opportunities for the kids not only to play ON the platform with building blocks, but to play WITH the platform, filling in the sides of the structure with their blocks.
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  • I really do enjoy it. Playgrounds are a fairly recent (within the last few years) addition to my repertoire, but they are fun. On the docket right now is another playground with a pirate ship playset, a farm area with a 'corn maze' and a miniature sized forest. It will be a while before that project comes along in pictures, but when I can, I'll post some of the design drawings!

  • Molly Molly on Jun 21, 2015
    That building platform with the blocks? Absolutely brilliant and awesome!!! The whole thing is quite wonderful, and truely designed around how children naturally play. You should be a Montessori teacher!