Christmas Decor (With a Cast of Characters) Part 1

This past Veterans' Day, Halloween and Thanksgiving, I found using a cast of characters to add ambience to my indoor succulent garden as well as throughout my home made my heart light. Therefore, I was thrilled when over forty of them showed up to spend the Christmas season with me. Most of them are pictured here (photo one) in my armoire chit-chatting with each other — even networking — as they await for Mr. Moon-In-The-Man to give them a cue to join him in my indoor succulent garden.

As you may recall from one of my prior posts here on HT, Mr. Moon-In-The-Man* arrived to my home for the 2013 Halloween season and that he won a coin toss which allowed him to serve as an emcee to relate the antics of my whimsical visitors. Mr. Moon-In-The-Man enjoyed his gig so much that he stayed on for Thanksgiving and now, much to our delight, he has agreed to stay on for the Christmas season and possibly longer, and he is now wearing a holiday scarf (photo two) which one of my vino bottles loaned him (you may recall them from one of my recent HT postings** but I've included their photo-op in this entry for easy reference (photo three).

As for the cast of characters that have arrived for the holiday season, they are thrilled to see that my musician in residence, like Mr. Moon-In-The-Man has also decided he wants to be home (my succulent garden) for the holidays. Usually my musician in residence leaves after November and does not return until spring*** as he doesn't want his music to compete with the many carolers that come here. Plus the vino bottles were kind enough to lend him a hat as you can see in image four.

Two of the folks that are here for the Christmas season are the Peppermint People who arrived earlier than their comrades only to be reprimanded by the Candy Corn Fraternal Twins who did not want to rush the onset of Christmas when Thanksgiving had not even occurred, which is a fact you might recall from one of my previous posts here**** on HT in which I included the image seen in number five of today's entry.

In my group shot of the Christmas cast of characters you can see Mr. Cane to the lower right but his gal pal, Peppermint Twist is off camera in this particular image so at her request (she is NOT camera shy), I've included two solo photo-ops of her in images six and seven.

Moreover, image eight will give you a sense of who she currently hangs out with in the armoire.The skiing Santa was featured in one of my very recent HT posts. *****

And the astonished looking woman (to Peppermint Twist's right), wearing a golden colored winter jacket may look familiar to those who know me from tumblr or Blogger, for Ms. Golden Jacket has been visiting me at Christmas time for a number of years, and hence she has been featured in the aforementioned venues. *******

I have a rare photo-op of her (she is verrrrrrrry camera shy) in image nine which was taken in 2011 in my then barren looking succulent garden. She is standing near Humpty Dumpty (a permanent resident in my garden) in the lower right hand corner.

Meanwhile, to Ms. Twist's right is a caroler, Mitchell, who is has an identical twin (named Mitch). And since Mitchell can only be seen in profile here, I've provided photo-ops of him with Mitch (images ten through twelve) who is standing at the opposite end of the armoire in the group shot (first image).

Two more folks who are obscured in the image (eight) featuring Ms. Twist's vantage point in the armoire are Little Lori a caroler and one of the Tam Twins (who are also identical).

This is Little LA-LA Lori's first time visiting me and she wanted to show everyone all angles of her Christmas clothing, therefore, I have four solo photo-opd of her as seen in images thirteen trough sixteen.

As for The Tam Twins, one of them has been coming here since 2011 and she can be in image seventeen (taken at that time), but last year her sister joined her for the Christmas holidays but they would not allow a photo-op. All of that has changed this year. They posed for a number of pictures and three of the pictures are posted with this entry (images eighteen through twenty).

The three other folks in the image featuring Peppermint Twist's vantage point are her bro, Mr. Cane, Mrs. Claus and one of the Gingerbread Fraternal Twins.

Mr. Cane may be familiar to HT readers that read about him when the candy corn twins were protesting. Like his sister, Mr. Cane requested a couple of solo photo-ops which can be seen in images twenty and twenty-one.

As for the Gingerbread Gal and Mrs. Claus they are very new arrivals and have an interesting story to tell which I plan to include in part two of this series when I will introduce you to more of my visiting guests.

But since today is only the Monday after the second Sunday in Advent, and I have plenty of time to introduce you to all my Christmas guests (again most but not all are featured in image one) and I will be discussing them in between my posts on birds and gardening throughout the Christmas season.

Meanwhile, with this thought, I'll leave you with an image of my advent wreath in honor of the season. ********

* Mr. Moon-The-Man
** Vino, Liquor, Liqueur bottles dressed for winter @
*** Musician in Residence
**** Candy Corn Fraternal Twins Advocate @
***** Santa on skis at a meeting in Saint Nick's Day @
****** Ms. Golden Jacket's appearances on other cyber-venues: Blogger AND ON tumblr @
******** Advent Wreath Image Details:Image on FB AND Wreath made by Stéphanie, the tree branch artist @
BTW, the reindeer operating a gondola-shaped dish (that holds matches to light the candles of my Advent wreath) is available at More and More Antiques as are all the other figurines feature in today's post. INFO available by contacting Steve Mohr. His number is 212-580-8404.
Most of the cast of characters that are visiting me for the Christmas season are pictured here. As you can see both the array of figurines and re-prurposed tree part artifacts are hanging out together.
Remember Mr. Moon-In-The-Man whom I introduced on HT in October? He has decided to stay home for the holidays!
Rockin' around the Hens'n Chicks was featured in a former post on HT and with a story on Blogger @
My musician in residence has decided to put on a winter cap and stick around! He usually goes away until spring @
A variation of his image was featured with a "story" on Blogger @
I've known Ms. Golden Jacket since 2011 and she's always astonished but now even more so with the arrival of new visitors!
Miss Peppermint Twist (View One.)
Miss Peppermint Twist (View Two.)
A scene featuring Ms. Golden Jacket (from 2011) as she breaks bread with Humpty Dumpty and other friends.
Mitchell and Mitch, my visiting Christmas caroler twins want YOU to sing along with them! (View One.)
Mitchell and Mitch, my visiting Christmas caroler twins want YOU to sing along with them! (View Two.)
Mitchell and Mitch, my visiting twins want YOU to sing long with them! (View One.Mitchell and Mitch, my visiting Christmas caroler twins want YOU to sing along with them! (View Three.)
A scene from 2011 where both Ms. Golden Jacket and one of the Tam Twins hide behind the cacti in my succulent garden.
Little LA-LA Lori rehearsing in her Christmas Outfit. (View One.)
Little LA-LA Lori rehearsing in her Christmas Outfit. (View Two,)
Little LA-LA Lori rehearsing in her Christmas Outfit. (View Three.)
Little LA-LA Lori rehearsing in her Christmas Outfit. (View Four.)
The Tam Twins rehearsing for 2013's Christmas day performances. (View One.)
The Tam Twins rehearsing for 2013's Christmas day performances. (View Two.)
The Tam Twins rehearsing for 2013's Christmas day performances. (View Three.)
Miss Peppermint Twist's Bro: Mr. Cane (View One.)
Miss Peppermint Twist's Bro: Mr. Cane (View Two.)
The Second Week of Advent. (Image featured on FB @

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