Remove Carpet Dents Left By Furniture With This Easy Rug Hack

by Rohina

Do you want to know how to remove dents in your carpet caused by heavy furniture? They’re hard to miss when you move furniture that’s been in place for a long time. I have an easy rug hack for you to bring your rug back to life. No need to buy a new one!

Tools and materials

  • Damp cloth
  • Steam iron
Dents left by furniture

What you find when you take away the furniture–ugly dents! Here’s how to eliminate those dents.

Preparing the damp cloth

Step 1: Prepare the damp cloth and place it on the dent

Dampen a clean cloth with water. Ensure it is not soaking wet, but has enough moisture to facilitate the steaming process.

Lay the damp cloth over the dented area of the carpet. Make sure it covers the entire dent and is in direct contact with the fibers.

Steamer setting on an iron
Applying steam to the area

Step 2: Set up steam iron and apply steam

Plug in the steam iron and let it heat up. Turn on the steam function. Gently press the hot steam iron onto the damp cloth covering the dent. Hold it in place for about 10 seconds. The steam will help relax the carpet fibers.

Rearranging the fibers

Step 3: Remove iron and cloth and rearrange fibers

Carefully lift the steam iron and remove the damp cloth from the carpet. Be careful because the area may be hot.

Using your fingers or a soft brush, gently and manually rearrange the carpet fibers in the dented area. Stroke and fluff the fibers until they regain their original position. It should begin to look as good as new.

Repeat the steps if necessary.

Letting the area dry

Step 4: Let the area dry

Let the treated area air-dry. Avoid stepping on it until it is completely dry to prevent any potential damage to the fibers.

Easy rug hack

Take a step back and inspect the treated area. You should notice a significant reduction or complete elimination of the dents in the carpet.

Easy rug hack

The carpet should start to regain its original texture and the dents caused by heavy furniture should be significantly reduced or completely gone. Let us know in the comments if this rug hack worked for you!

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  • Sheila Sheila on Dec 21, 2023
    So true, ice cubes work as well
  • CK CK on Mar 21, 2024
    Ice cubes worked great for me too! Especially a neat tip when we were selling our home and needed to get rid of furniture "indents". 😄