Keep It Organized: Six Spring Cleaning Techniques

1. Know What to Keep, Save and Get Rid Of

This is a game that can be played with the kids. Lay out four colorful bins. One is for what needs to be kept close at hand, another is for items that need to be stored, another is for what needs to be thrown away, another is for items that can be given away. These items can be anything including toys, clothes, books or kitchen utensils.
2. Have the HVAC System Checked

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system needs to be checked in preparation for the warmer weather. While a professional HVAC contractor might do the bulk of inspection and troubleshooting, the homeowner can do tasks like remove old leaves and other trash from in front of the air conditioner's condenser unit and clean or replace filters.
3. Clean Out the Refrigerator and the Freezer

First, unplug the fridge. Then, take out the food and put them in coolers. Wash the bins and the shelves in the sink. Clean the interior with baking soda and hot water. Empty out and clean the drip pan. Then, pull the refrigerator away from the wall and clean the grill in the back. This can also be done with the crevice tool of a vacuum cleaner or with a special brush made just for the refrigerator grill. This isn't just better for your health, but makes the refrigerator more energy efficient and save money on your energy bill.
4. Toss Out Old Food From the Fridge, the Cabinets and the Pantry

Canned foods can be good for years unless the can is dented or shows other signs of damage. Other foods, like baking powder and spices, lose their effectiveness after a few months. Figure out which foods are no good anymore, and throw them out. If you don't want to waste good food, but you don't want to keep it in your kitchen anymore, consider donating what you can to a food bank.
5. Wash the Windows

A homeowner can wash the interiors of his or her windows and might feel confident enough to wash the outside. The best time to wash windows is during an overcast day, as the sun can leave streaks. A squeegee is an ideal tool for window washing, and a solution of white vinegar and hot water is a good cleanser. Take down blinds and wash them outside with a hose.

Take a weekend to clean out your house and you will benefit all year long. Information credited to Descenzo Rubbish Removal, Industrial Hauling, Cleveland
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