3 Places to Use a Lint Roller in Your Home: Easy Cleaning Hacks

by Norfolkavenue

Are you looking for ways to make cleaning easier for you? Use a lint roller! Here are three places in my bedroom where I use a lint roller but you can use it anywhere in your home.

Forget using an awkward hand vacuum to get your cleaning chores done. A lint roller will easily remove dirt and dust from curves and other angles. Here’s how to use a lint roller for best results.

Where to use a lint roller in your home
Using a lint roller on a headboard
Using a lint roller in the bedroom

Hack 1 Bedroom

I focus on lint rolling my bed, headboard, and mattress to quickly eliminate any dust that may have accumulated. The lint roller picks up all the dust and leaves my bedroom clean and refreshed.

Using a lint roller on curtains

Hack 2 Curtains

I give my curtains a quick pass with the lint roller to remove dust in just a matter of minutes. It's a simple yet effective method to keep any room in your house looking tidy.

Using a lint roller on lampshades

Hack 3 Lampshades

I use lint rollers on my lampshades–it’s one of my best hacks to effortlessly capture and remove any lint or dust, leaving the lampshades looking clean and enhancing the overall brightness of my rooms.

Dirty lint roller paper

Lint roller hacks

Isn’t that roller lint hack so easy? Let me know in the comments if you have tried any of these ideas for using lint rollers. Do you have other ideas for where to use a lint roller at home to make cleaning easier?

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