No Scrubbing Outdoor Cleaning: Patio, Siding, Fire Pit and More!

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Have you ever seen an advertised product and wondered: "Does it work?" We've thought the same thing about a product called Wet & Forget. It advertises cleaning things of moss, mold, mildew and algae with NO scrubbing. "Can that be really true?"

We gave it a try over six months ago and in this post, we bring you the results of that first application. Read on to see if you can actually clean all things outdoors without scrubbing!
Take a look at the video to see the Wet & Forget results and all the additional things we decided to clean outside Steph's house.
Wet & Forget works overtime to clean things of moss, mildew, mold, and algae. It is not a quick cleaning method. Patience is the key.
Garden blocks and patio: here you can see how dramatically different these look. They are not perfectly clean, but the improvement came about with no scrubbing--just time.
Siding: no more green or black stuff growing on the siding!
Because we had such good results with our first application, we decided to take care of more backyard cleaning. To use the Wet & Forget you mix one part to five parts water. Add the water first to a chemical sprayer container, then the Wet & Forget otherwise you'll get a massive amount of bubbles!
The Ryobi battery powered chemical sprayer helps to make the spraying process effortless, but you can use a pump up chemical sprayer as well. We are using the 2-gal size. The larger size means we can work longer between refills. Here's what we decided to clean:
1) Brick mailbox
2) Trim around the porch. This side of the house in a shady area. This green algae growth is everywhere.
3) Garden block fire pit.
...just a few weeks later, they were looking their original color again.
4) Pond rocks. While walking around the backyard looking for things to clean, I noticed these rocks were really green and scaly. Perfect candidates for cleaning! They will look so much better once they are back to their natural color.
5) Sidewalks. See that line? That's where we originally stopped cleaning six months ago. We took the time to finish up the sidewalk this time!
Now the rest of the sidewalk will look just as good as the rest.
After cleaning all the low to the ground projects, Steph used the new Wet & Forget that attaches to a garden hose to clean all the remaining siding at her house. The spray reaches to the highest peaks of her house that are 21' from the ground. Check out our website for more details on this!

Suggested materials:
  • Wet & Forget   (Amazon)
  • Ryobi 2-gallon sprayer   (Home Depot)
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