DIY Maple Candle (A Roots Knock-off) Christmas Gift Ideas

This DIY maple candle is a Roots knock-off and making this particular candle has been on my bucket list for some time now... everyone has a DIY bucket list, right? The perfect little Christmas gift as is, or an awesome addition in a gift basket with other favorite goodies.
This is my "Knock-off", I love the way they turned out! It's a cute little gift to give to someone who enjoys candles and of course maple! Ahhhhh maple!
There is nothing better than having boiled maple syrup poured on fresh snow and spun on a Popsicle stick... this kid, that's what my face must look like when I eat this. Hahaha! I'm not kidding!
Okay, how did I make my knock-off candles? Let's get down to the nitty-gritty, I'm pretty happy with how they turned out, they are not exactly the same, but I like them and yep, they are maple-y! YUM!
The things you will need:
Containers to hold your candles.
I used 4 tins with covers (Michael's) and one tin of maple syrup, it was a full can of syrup I bought at the grocery store, I drained it into and existing jug of maple syrup and cleaned the can with warm soapy water.
Soy wax flakes (Michael's)
Maple flavoured extract (100ml)
Wooden wick (for large candle)
Braided wicks (for travel sized candles)
Glue gun (little dab of glue to hold wicks in place)
Double boiler - or heat safe Pyrex measuring cup (Large) and lg sauce pan
Candy/cooking thermomotor
Kabob skewers (for holding the wicks straight)
Lay down a large piece of craft paper on the counter to protect it from wax and save some steps on the clean up later on.
Lay out all of the tins and glue the wicks to the bottom of each one. Then used the kabob skewers to keep them straight as shown above.
Remove from heat at 185 and add flavour, stir until temp is 125 then pour slowly into your awaiting containers. Let your candles cool over night, trim wicks approx. 1/4. Adding extract gives you a nice maple flavour but if I could have found maple oil I would have preferred that, all of the candle experts say oil is better, I just was not able to find any in my city, when I do this again I will order the oil on line. Adding oil instead of extract I think would cut down on stirring the flavour in until your temp reaches 125.
Note* Some important things to remember:
Do not heat wax over 250 only heat wax to 185 that is the best temp for adding the flavour, according to the candle experts.
The flash point of wax is 300, again do not exceed 250.
1 cup of wax flakes = 1/2 cup of pourable wax. For this recipe I used 1500ml (6 cups) of pourable wax - (12 cups of wax flakes once melted = 6 cups of pourable)
Leave your candles to set up over night. When the wax cools it will lighten, because I used extract the settling of the flavour looks a little spotty, but I like how it looks like maple and cream. Add decorative paper and twine for some festive gift giving. I am obsessed with buffalo check print this year!
For me maple is Christmas and Fall and Spring and yes even Summer... can you tell I am maple obsessed?

Laurie @ Vinyet Etc
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!

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