Making Candles at Hometalk HQ!

Hey everyone! Miriam and I knew for the holidays we HAD to DIY gifts for everyone in the office (what kind of Hometalkers would we be if we didn't?!) After scouring Hometalk for ideas (and assessing our existing DIY abilities haha) we decided little lavender candles would make the perfect gift.
They turned out so cute! Now, about the process...
I headed to Michael's down the road (we're conveniently only a few blocks away and it is the best thing ever.) All you need is:

-Wax (I got a pound of shredded soy wax)


-Essential Oil

-Whatever votives you choose
Put your wax in a microwave-safe bowl. Melting times may vary, a half pound of our shredded wax took about 4 minutes on high.

WARNING: The bowl will be HOT as you know what so be sure to grab it with oven mits. (How CRAZY/AWESOME are these rubber orange ones we have here in the office kitchen?)
Next add your essential oil. I think we aimed for around 10 drops, but went a little oil happy since we wanted these suckers to really smell and lavender can be so light.

(GORGEOUS engagement ring not included- congrats Miriam!) :)
Now the fun part....pouring the hot wax and oil mix into the votives. Miriam held the wicks and I poured. Disclaimer: this was our first time so I'm sure there is a more sensible way of doing this, but I digress. Be prepared for some to spill!
Once they were filled 3/4 we kept the wicks up with popsicle sticks we had handy.
We let them dry overnight.
Slapped some bows on them and BAM insta holiday office gifts! Everyone loved them. I'm telling you literally everyone for the rest of my life will be getting candles as gifts (you may be one of them). It's such a cute idea and the votive possibilities are endless! Next time I'm thinking tea cups. :)

Hope you enjoyed! xx Hannah & Miriam
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  • Cin27557338 Cin27557338 on Jul 09, 2017
    Did they burn completely through to the bottom not like a lot that burn center only

  • Linda Duval Linda Duval on Apr 17, 2019

    How can I save each project that I want to do for later?

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