Build Your Own Tree Centerpiece!

I co-hosted a sweet Woodland Themed Baby Shower in November. I really wanted to use a tree as the centerpiece. I know, crazy, right? Or was it? I went out to my woodpile and dug around a bit and found this awesome, gnarly, holed up wood stick. It would be the start of what turned out to be a showstopper! The cost? Log - free, 2 bunches of latex leaves (2.99 per bunch), some assorted moss $3.49, and one cute straw squirrel - the most expensive part of the project $6.99 at World Market. Hey, I had to have him!
Humble beginnings... one gnarly log. I cut apart the two latex/silk leaf sprays. The branches were long so I got a nice drapey effect. I hot glued some to the top of the log. It looked bad at first, but bear with me. I had vision!
You can see how awful it looked at first! But as I added moss and more layers, it got to what you see in the next picture!
I added some moss to the natural hole in the side and a leaf, as if it had fallen there (with the help of some hot glue).
My little straw squirrel nestled up against the base of the "tree."
I added a mossy table runner to be used at the party and whaaa laaa... amazing centerpiece for a woodland party theme!
Here it is at the baby shower on the appetizer table with a burlap tablecloth and some assorted fall leaves scattered around it. It really turned out lovely!
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  • Karen Wolfe Karen Wolfe on Apr 07, 2015
    Thank you, Hannah! It was so much fun. I handmade every decoration from the linen pennant with the baby's name (Emerson) to the little circle tags you see on the food and the hand drawn tree framed for everyone who attended to stamp their fingerprint on to give to the new mom!

  • Lydia O'Lydia Lydia O'Lydia on Apr 07, 2015