Candy Corn Pots

15 Minutes
An easy and fun fall craft that nearly anyone can make!

• These were made with miniature flower pots. There is no reason you couldn't make these using larger pots. 

• Also, this uses a glue gun. While simple to make, if your child is making these candy corn pots make sure you are comfortable with him/her handling a hot glue gun. The alternative is Marine Goop (which dries clear) and all you would have to worry about are fingers glued together. :-)
• Hot glue the end of your white yarn to the bottom edge of your terra cotta pot and begin wrapping it around and around until you get about ¼” way up.

• Now continue to wrap your white yarn back down to the bottom of your pot, making a second layer of yarn.

• Once you reach the bottom of your pot, cut the yarn and hot glue the piece of yarn down onto the wrapped white yarn.

• Now repeat steps the last three with your orange yarn, starting right where you left off with your white yarn.

• Now repeat steps first three steps with your yellow yarn for the remaining open area of the pot.
• Measure out 6 pieces of yellow yarn about 14″ in length and tie the strands into a knot towards the top.

• Braid your strands together then tie the end into a knot.

• Hot glue the braided yarn onto the rim of your pot, trim the knots off the ends and carefully glue the loose ends together on the rim.
And you are done! This simple candy corn craft can be kept in the house and filled with autumn candies or potted with a succulent, etc. This is an easy-peasy little craft for those that like candy corn!
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