Cheap & Simple Crystal Ball

Ann Doughty Bosche
by Ann Doughty Bosche
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I love Halloween and Witchy items. I kept trying to figure out a simple method to make my own crystal ball. Using cheap. thrift store finds, I came up with this. It looks much better in person.
First, start off with some Polyfil, a round glass container such as a goldfish bowl, a small saucer or flat surface that will fit the top side of your bowl when turned over and a battery tealight.
Put a small amount of Polyfil into your bowl. It has to be thin so the candle will not be visible but will shine faint light.
I made a small indention in the center for the candle.
Place your battery operated tealight in the center of the saucer. Turn the light ON.
Place your Polyfil bowl, upside down, on top of the tealight. Voila, you have a crystal ball. I may still take some of the Polyfil out so it shines better but this is the "first draft". I already had the Polyfil but the other items came from the Thrift Store for a total of $3.00. The Crystal Ball looks great in a dark room.
Suggested materials:
  • Polyfil, fish bowl, saucer, battery tealight   (Thrift Store)
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  • Ann Doughty Bosche Ann Doughty Bosche on Jun 08, 2016
    I think I'll try painting the fishbowl with some frosted glass paint for an etched look. Do you think it would look OK?
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  • Ann Doughty Bosche Ann Doughty Bosche on Jun 09, 2016
    Oh, I also painted the fish bowl with ModPodge Sparkle to get a glitter effect. This is my first post on Home Talk. I hope it hasn't been too confusing.
  • Cruelva Cruelva on Oct 12, 2016
    Gonna do this. I have all the materials 🎃