DIY Rainbow Pallet Flag!

Nik Knacks
by Nik Knacks
2 Hours
I've been wanting to do some pallet art for a while. With pallet flags out there by the score, I figured to do something a little different, as June is Queer Pride Month. It then occurred to me: a pride flag - of course!
This is very easy to make, and the only cost for me came in purchasing the spray paint, as these are not colors I would normally have on hand. Everything else was from materials around the house.

The wood itself was from a pallet I disassembled, but one could use whatever was handy. To prep the wood, I gave the front a good sanding with some 80 grit sandpaper -- for me, the point of this was rustic, so I didn't want a glossy finish on anything.
After sanding, I lined up the boards, making sure they were in the order I wanted them. Then, I picked them up individually and spray painted evenly but quickly, to keep the coat regular but thin so one could still see the wood grain.
Once painted, I let them dry overnight... mostly because it was late and I was tired. You could have at in an hour or so if you wanted to do it all in one go. The next morning, I flipped them over and attached them directly to a couple pieces of scrap wood on the backside so they would stay together.

Then, I took it outside and put up my rainbow pallet flag! Voila! It was super easy to do, and it makes me very happy to see this piece of visible pride every time I go into my yard.
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