DIY Wood Crate Easter Floral Decoration

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30 Minutes

Happy crafting! --I'm super excited to share this simple DIY project with all of you. I just recently started working on a few more Spring/Easter projects, and this one turned out so adorable. If you're ready, we will begin creating your very own wood crate Easter floral decoration. icon

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Materials needed

One pack of three decoration chicks- I purchased my chicks at my local Michaels store $1.49

Moss- I'm using Proflora moss from Walmart $3.47

Spring faux floral and greenery

One wood crate box- Purchased at local Dollar Tree $1.25

Assorted decorative Easter eggs- Purchased at Michaels $3.49

Hot glue

Paint- I used light yellow and white for my wood crate box

One square foam block

Flower snips

Total around $9

We will begin with painting the wood crate box. Depending on if you are using two colors, you can mix the two colors together. I used a light yellow, and white.

Add your paint onto the front, back, sides, and the top sections of your box. If you are wanting your box to be a little darker, apply several coats of paint. Set your box aside, and allow it to dry.

Next, take your square foam block, and cut a section of your foam block off. You want just enough to fit on the inside of your box.

Once you have placed a section of your foam block inside of your box, take your hot glue, and begin to apply your glue in a thin layer on top of the block.

Take some of your moss and add it on top of your foam block, and glue. Be sure to spread your moss evenly on top.

Next, take your floral snips, and start to cut your floral, and greenery if needed.

Take your hot glue, and glue in your floral, and greenery. I added my floral around my moss in the back, and also in the front.

After you have added in your chicks, take your two Easter eggs, and add them in.

Take a little hot glue, and add it onto the bottom of each egg, and gently press them down on top of the moss.

Once you have completed that step, take your decoration chicks, and add them in using your hot glue.

Your project is complete, and ready to display. I absolutely love how this project turned out, and it looks beautiful displayed as a centerpiece, or on a windowsill.

I hope that you all have enjoyed this Easter floral decoration. Be sure to leave a comment, and let me know if you decide to create your very own.

I'll see you soon!


Suggested materials:
  • One foam block
  • Spring floral
  • Greenery
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