Halloween Ghosts for 1:12 Scale Dollhouse

I could not find ghosts that I can use on the outside of my dollhouse display, so I created them. What I used:
old film canisters (you know you have them laying around)
old curtain rod wall brackets (they looked proportionate to a ghosts head)
painters tape (because it's easy to remove if I leave it on too long)
fabric stiffener
zip bad
plastic wrap
thin wire (I have a plethora of old telephone wire)
Attach the wall bracket to the film canister.
To give the ghost the accurate height at added another film canister to the bottom.
Cut approximately 14" of cheesecloth, again this depends on the height of your ghost.
Add the fabric stiffener to a zip bag.
Cover the top of the "head" with plastic wrap.
I made the wire "arms" some were up and some were out.
Add one piece of 14" cheesecloth at a time to the zip bag and work it through the stiffener.
Drap the cheesecloth over the stacked canisters.
Wait 24 hours to completely dry. Spray with a clear sealer if you want it to stay well through each season.
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