How to Make a Floral Heart Wreath

30 Minutes

Hello everyone, It ahs been a crazy few days here at Curly Willow Acres. After the hubby being sick for three weeks. I finally got the crud full on. I ended up with a sinus infection and double ear infection which started up my Verdigo again.

I started this diy before I got sick, so glad I did. I had taken my log slices out of the middle of my faux fireplace. I have them saved In case I change my mind. I wanted to add something Valentine to this area. This wood heart with flowers filled the space nicely.

I started with a wood heart shape from the dollar store. I stained the whole piece. Waited for that to dry.

I picked out some pretty pastel flower heads I had in my stash. I made sure and cut of the stem all the way. Otherwise the flower will not lay flat on the board.

Some I even took the whole green piece that holds the flower together off. I wanted these to lay flat. Then I just hot glued them all on.. I wanted some smaller ones around the edge and then just added until I liked the arrangement I had.

If you have any empty spaces like I did, just add in more flowers to fill the space. I am going to add a pretty velvet ribbon as soon as I feel good enough to go to the store.

I love how it turned out. My Valentine mantel is slowly coming together. I have a couple more diy’s and some more pink and gold to add to this space and it will be complete.

What do you think?

Thank you for stopping by and as always God Bless!
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