Stars and Stripes... Mailbox Cover!

2 Materials
Holiday mailbox cover, made in 1/2 hour ! Easy, fast project.
Step 1.
Buy 2, dollar store flags. Make sure you have the free standing mailbox and measure the flags to fit. Full cost $2.00 to me. I had everything else around the house...
Step 2. simple !
Remove them from the rod, I had hem them on the striped end.
I needed 16" to fit my mailbox.
Step 3.
 Just to show how you face the flag in he right direction !
Don't want any upside down or backwards do we?
Step 4
Again, after hemming an inch on each end of the flag, (stripped ends)
 - I sew them together across the top, with good side in and flags
in position. ( Step 3.)
Step 5. finished!
Now you see them laid out, sewn at the top, flags in right direction as to be
seen the right way as you pass. So easy !  velcro is on.
Step 6 /fom 5
Make sure you add the velcro straps on all 4 corners so as to
keep it attached under mailbox. Also seen in step 5.
Finished product.
Very simple and festive !!
Holiday Flag
Suggested materials:
  • Two flags @ 2.00 plus tax.   (Dollar store.)
  • Velcro / thread (sp. of velcro ?)   (Had these already.)
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  • Linda Linda on May 30, 2017
    What is the short ribbon-like material on either end showing on top?

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  • Gayla Gayla on Jul 13, 2017
    now this is beautiful! what a great idea! Thanks for sharing!

  • Donna Donna on Jul 24, 2017
    I have not done any crafts in years. This flag idea is inspiring. I am a Home Health Aide. I showed this to one of my Clients who is a Veteran and he loves it. He wants one for his mailbox . I also have Ladies that their husbands have passed away and were also Veterans. We go to their grave sites and place flags. They also want one. Thank you for the inspiration. Not only am I going to make each of them one but my wheels are spinning for other projects.