Tide Pod Pumpkins

Colleen M Hodson
by Colleen M Hodson
I work with adults who have disabilities, and am unofficially the Arts and Crafts Director. I am always striving to come up with crafts on a budget that can be put together super easily, and yet are not "childish". One day in the laundry room, while thinking of fall and Halloween I spied the large pile of recyclables that breeds there. The group of empty Tide Pod containers looked like a pumpkin patch. So....
Tide Pod Pumpkins
Remove the labels.
First I removed the labels. I sprayed Goo Gone Pro-Power right on top of the front, back and top labels, which otherwise are impossible to remove.
Goo Gone label gone.
I let it sit overnight, and then the labels peeled off as if allergic to the container.
Remove traces.
If there are any traces of paper or adhesive, spray Goo Gone again, wait a few minutes then wipe it off. Rinse thoroughly with lots of dish soap to remove all the oily residue from the Goo Gone. Wipe Dry. Poke a hole in the lid of the Pod container.
Draw pumpkin features
For the pumpkin face, I used shiny or matte adhesive foam paper. You can get a big stack at a craft store and end up using it for everything.
Cut out.
Draw your pumpkin features on the white back of the sheet and cute out eyes, a nose and a mouth.
Assemble the "bouquet".
The top of the pumpkin is made by assembling any possible decorative item you may have on hand. On this pumpkin I used flowers from a stored wreath, some yarn, pipe cleaners, and a bit of plastic ivy. Your crafter can make a little "bouquet" of festive items in his/her fist. I put a general pile of decorative items in the middle of the table and my crafters grabbed what appealed to them.
Tie the bouquet on the inside of the lid
Push the bouquet stems through the hole you poked in the lid. Then tie them all together with an exaggerated knot bigger than the hole.
Add sand if desired.
I put a couple cupful's of sand inside the container to make it more sturdy. This will not only prevent it from blowing away outside, but also makes festive door stops. The lid of the Tide Pod containers are super tight, but adding some packing tape will strengthen the closure to prevent sand messes.
Your crafter can then peel off the adhesive from the foam features and assemble the face. You can make interchangeable pieces and have your crafter make any kind of silly face, in different colors and shapes.
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