Candy Filled Packing Paper Easter Eggs and a Gift Wrapping

1 Hour
For my project I made some candy filled, bunny printed (template on my blog) and sewn packing paper Easter eggs and a painted gift wrapping for them. Find the instructions below the free printables on my blog!
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And now the how-to:

You'll need printed packing paper and this is how it works: cut a piece of packing paper so it is a little smaller than a normal sheet of paper. Fasten the packing paper - using washi tape, for example - very tightly on the sheet of paper - it is important that all four sides / edges are fastened. Put this "collage" in the rear compartment of your printer (not in the drawer), choose a pattern on your computer or use the template (download link on my blog) and print it. If the packing paper is well fastened on the sheet of paper, you won't have a paper jam! Repeat this for the backside of your eggs (no bunnies there). The paper eggs will roll themselves because the paper comes on rolls. Just use a pencil to roll them in the other direction so they become flat.
Detach the packing paper from the sheet of normal paper and cut out the eggs. Put a front and a back side together and sew them with the sewing machine - but not all the way through! Fill the egg with candy through the opening and then sew the egg completely.
For the gift wrapping, ou'll have to measure or estimate how large your sheet of packing paper has to be for the gift you want to wrap and cut this out of the roll. Fix the packing paper sheet with washi tape on a table so it won't roll. You'll find a template for an egg on my blog (mine is about 1 9/16" wide), print it and cut it out. Eventually, you'll have to enlarge it or make it smaller depending of your gift size. Copy the template on a piece of cardstock and cut it out. Use the rest as a template for painting: lay it on the packing paper and use a brush to apply paint on it. You can make a matrix-like pattern like I did or a wild pattern, as you wish. I combined three colors, you could use one or more if you like.
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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