How to Make a Terrarium

2 Materials
1 Hour

Although there are many ways to build and style a terrarium here is a quick and simple guide to get you on your way. You can have an open terrarium or a closed terrarium.

Things you need

1) Terrarium - wash it thoroughly to prevent bacteria .

2) Stones- they can assist with water drainage.

3) Activated charcoal- optional

4) Moss- optional

5) Potting soil

6) Plants-Succulents,cactus,leaves etc

7) Decorations, pebbles,ornaments,coloured sand etc

8) Gardening tools,brush and spray bottle.

How to make.

1) Choose your terrarium

2) Choose your plants like baby’s tears,maidenhair fern these plants like to stay moist.For a arid environment you can choose Succulents,cacti,these plants like to stay dry

3) Layer your Materials.Terrarium layering can vary based on a few things such as style of terrarium,type of plants, you choose and where your terrarium will live.Below is how I layered my terrarium.

Here are other planters I have done

4) Hints And tips on how to look after your terrarium.

a)Place in a partially lit area.

b) Move your terrarium around regularly.

c) Water lightly do not over water

d) Keep away from heaters and air conditioning units.

Suggested materials:
  • Terrarium and pebbles and stones   (Gardenline)
  • Plants   (Nursery)
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