Easy Handmade Beachy Ornaments.

3 Materials
3 Hours

Pretty ribbon, vinyl and ceramic ornaments. It’s a simple recipe to make beautiful ornaments. Blue Anchors and Aqua Starfish… but you can pick your favorite image and color scheme.

Let’s get started…


The ornaments are flat and ceramic. Two to a package. I grabbed some vinyl, contact paper and what I thought would be the best ribbon. I’m making these for a customer and with something like this I usually make it up as I go along.


The ceramic ornaments were a bit dusty. I used a dry paper towel to wipe them off very carefully.


Using the Silhouette program on my computer I picked the anchor and starfish that I wanted. I line them up in a way to save on the amount of vinyl needed. Next I sent it to my cutting machine. Then I pulled away the excess vinyl with my trusty embroidery needle.

Side note: I absolutely love my silhouette cameo. I fought getting one for years. But once I purchased it, it opened up the ability to make so many projects.

Line up

Here is how I lined them up to use the smallest amount of vinyl needed.

Cut cut cut

Next I cut them out to get them ready to place on the ornaments. When I designed the images in the beginning, I measured the ornaments and decided to make the image as large as possible to fill up the entire space.

Clear contact paper

I cut a small piece of contact paper and took off the backing. I use this to transfer the vinyl image onto the ceramic ornament.


Now you just need to be careful that you position it nice and straight. Push down with your finger tips. Then slowly peel away the contact paper. I use the same contact paper for the others until it is no longer sticky.

Looky looky

See how the image is the perfect size for the ornament. If you have a cutting machine and program you will be able to adjust the size.


Since I making these for a customer I wanted her input on the ribbon hangers. She also wanted the vinyl design on both sides of the ornament. She picked the one with the bow. However I decided to use a narrow white grosgrain ribbon for the hanger part. Because the image is on both sides I decided to put a bow on each side. It really made it look fluffy and cute!

Getting ready to get pretty

I was happy with the aqua bows for the starfish but had to try several ribbons before I was happy with the anchor bows.

My goodness

Cuteness overload.

Happiness abound

My customer was so very pleased. She visits the beach several times a year and wanted to take home some beach memories for one of her three Christmas trees.

Sitting pretty.

And here they are.


The ribbon I found for the blue anchors turned out just perfect!

Star of the show

In the very beginning I presented my customer with several designs and colors. I absolutely love what she picked. I give a lot of credit to my customers who join in on the design process. Thanks Peggy. I had so much fun working on this project for you. The best part of a handmade small business like mine are all the new friends that I make along the way.


Suggested materials:

  • Ceramic ornaments   (Hobby Lobby)
  • Vinyl   (Amazon)
  • Ribbon   (Michael’s)

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