DIY Lemonade Bar

30 Minutes
I wanted to put my new beverage cart to good use this summer so I decided to have a lemonade bar with fresh fruit as one of the drink options at a recent cookout. This is a simple way to let guests customize their drink by adding the flavors they prefer and it's a cute set up.
Choose your drink options - I went with Lemonade and Limeade, but you could also use pink lemonade or water.

Customize the ice cubes - I did not want to lemonade to get diluted when the ice melted, so I used a shallow muffin tray to make ice cubes out of the lemonade.  You could also use ice trays and add a few fruit pieces to the frozen ice cubes for more flavor.
Choose your add ins - I used strawberries and blueberries to add to the lemonade and limeade.  The options are endless; you could use raspberries, mint, or lime as well!
Add fun accessories -  Serve the lemonade in decorative pitchers like this pretty yellow and blue glass one.  I made signs using index cards and chalkboard stickers I found at the dollar store.  I also picked up the adorable pineapple straws while I was there.

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