Dog Feeding Station

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My daughter asked me to build a dog feeding station for her dog Gizmo. And she really wanted it to be out of an old wooden box I had hanging around. So we went to the shop and looked for something to use for the top.

I had cut up a 1x 12 board for another project for her and it just so happens that the piece fit perfectly for a top. Woo hoo!

She wanted a holes for the dog bowls closer to the front than centered.

Cutting this hole my husband found out that he really needed a new 6 inch hole saw. This blade had been used so many times that it was dull. So we waited for Amazon to send us a new one and in a couple days two holes cut for the dog bowls.

We talked about how to remove the top. I suggested we could use hinges and a knob in the middle to lift it up or a handle like this.

She liked the handle idea. I also sanded the board down and put two coats of a cottage white paint on the left. I also sealed it with a poly acrylic.

For the box I stained it with a Jacobbean color. It matches the rest of the decor in her apartment. When you take the lid off she uses it as a storage for Gizzy‘s food.

Here is a picture of the box upside down without the lid. I used two scrap pieces of wood and screwed those to the sides for the lid to rest on. I also put a little furniture pads on the bottom so it wouldn’t scrape the floor.

And here is the final product. Gizmo likes eating and drinking from his new feeding station.

Suggested materials:
  • Old wooden box
  • Scrap 1 x 12 wood
  • Jacobbean stain
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