What Cat ????

I don't have a before picture....but I found this rickety old microwave stand at the thrift shop for $5. I fixed the wobbly shelf on top with a couple "L" brackets.
I cut a hole in the back of the cabinet, and secured the edges with duct tape, as it was basically just a cardboard back.
Cody just couldn't contain himself....as they say - "curiosity killed the cat".....I had to remove his furry little body several times as I worked.....
TADAAAA!!! Our litterbox fit in there perfectly, along with the scoops and a little broom....IF ONLY it has been big enough to hide extra litter in, too!!!

I cut down a cardboard box just big enough to set the cabinet on top of and fit into the corner to catch anything the cats might track - just reach behind it with the broom....prevents any litter from getting jammed under my mopboards, or catch any "spills".
We keep it just far enough from the wall so that the cats go in and out through the back.........we open it from the front to clean the box!!

The drawer in the top we use for treat, grooming supplies......

You'd never know we had cats! It does a great job of containing the odor - and serves as a functional piece of furniture!
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  • Debo Debo on Mar 25, 2017
    The back door idea is brilliant! I'm going to steal from you and add a strip of artificial grass to get as much of the litter crumbs off their feet as possible. Love it! Thanks!

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