Easiest DIY Pine Cone Napkin Rings Ever!

2 Materials
15 Minutes

I can honestly tell you that these are the EASIEST diy pine cone napkin rings I have EVER made.



It took me about 15 minutes from start to finish to make a whole set of them.

Wouldn’t they look SO awesome on a nature-themed table setting?

Think about them on a Fall, Autumn, Thanksgiving, or even Christmas tablescape.


So, if you are looking for a super cute, super cheap, and super easy pine cone napkin ring diy project, look no further.

I’ve gotchya.

Supplies for DIY Pine Cone Napkin Ring

  • Small pinecone garland
  • (I got mine from Dollar Tree)
  • Empty paper towel tube
  • Scissors

How to Make Easy Pine Cone DIY Napkin Rings

Step 1: Prep to make the pinecone napkin rings

Unwind the pine cone garland.

On my garland, the pinecones were spaced about 9.5” apart. Which was perfect for making one pine cone napkin ring.

Step 2: Measure & cut the pine cone garland

You want the pine cone to be in the middle of your napkin ring. So you will want about 4.75” of garland on each side of the pine cone.

Using your scissors, cut in the middle, between the two pine cones. You will have a 9.5” section of garland.

Step 3: Form the diy pine cone napkin rings

Take your empty paper towel holder (or wrapping paper tube) and place the pine cone in the middle. Then take each end of the garland and wrap them in the opposite directions around the tube.

Carefully slide it off the tube.

Now twist each end around the garland wire.


You have now made the EASIEST EVER diy pine cone napkin rings.

Their simplicity makes them cute and modern.

Love them!!

Now that you have knocked out these diy pinecone napkin rings for yourself – wouldn’t they be THE BEST gift for a friend? Your friend will think you spent some coin. Only you and I will know that they cost $1! (I won’t tell, lol)

*Note: you can use any kind of wire garland to make these napkin rings. Think of the possibilities!!

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Suggested materials:

  • Pine cone garland
  • Scissors

Adorn the Table
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