Snowman Welcome Sign

3 Hours
I've got a garage full of scrap wood and a head full of ideas. Why not make a snowman porch sign from an old cornhole board? I get after Christmas products from Hobby Lobby and store them just in case I want to create something.
Took the old cornhole board and sketched a rough snowman, hat, and carrot nose.
My hubby was kind enough to cut them out with his jigsaw.
My hubs found a board and attached my snowman to it.  I glued the hat and nose on with trusty hot glue, and painted it.  I thought it was cute, but nowhere near finished!
I decided to put an old pencil tree on it that I found in the basement.
Can't have a naked front!  I used an old cut up Christmas tree and glued pieces of it to the base.
I decorated the tree with ribbons, lights, and a few ornaments.  Next came the balls, and a scarf.  Drew in the mouth with rosy cheeks, decorated the hat, painted "Welcome", and added a few wrapped boxes for under the tree.  I used my miter saw and a tree branch to cut out wafers of wood that I glued for the snowman's buttons.  Merry Christmas, everyone!!
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