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The holidays are fast approaching and one of the best ways to decorate for the season is by adding wreaths to your decor! However, store bought wreaths can cost a small fortune. Check out these ideas for DIY Christmas wreaths. You won’t break the bank and you will find tons of inspiration here. Nothing feels more festive than adding a gorgeous door wreath! Let’s get started!

Christmas Wreath (pixabay)

DIY Wreath Ideas

Here are 17 gorgeous DIY Wreath Ideas for the holidays that anyone can do. These wreaths are guaranteed to be conversation starters at your next holiday party - they are beautiful and unique! We have wreaths made from light bulbs, ornament wreaths, even a wreath from crayons. Don’t forget those beautiful wreaths taken right from your own backyard. Sometimes nature provides all we need with boxwood, berries, pine cones, and soft cedars. We even have a chicken wire wreath for your rustic decor! Who says wreaths always have to be circular? Click through to get these easy and fun tutorials.

1. Simple and Beautiful Ornament Wreath Tutorial

You could pay a fortune if you bought one of these beautiful ornament wreaths. Why do that when this DIY Christmas wreath can be made with excess ornaments you already have around the house or those you picked up on clearance! All it takes is five easy steps to make this beautiful, professional looking ornament wreath. Choose gold and silver ornaments or go with any color that suits your decor. A festive ribbon completes the project.

Christmas Ornament Wreath (Bliss at Home)

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2. Easy Flocked Christmas Ornament Wreath

Most of us love the look of those flocked Christmas trees - how about a flocked DIY Christmas wreath? This one is lush and full and includes sparkly ornaments. You can customize this DIY wreath to match the rest of your holiday decor. A simple garland with berries adds a whimsical touch. This would be beautiful on your front door or even hung on the wall of your home. So many options! 

DIY Christmas Wreath (Clara Nicole)

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3. Dum Dum Wrappers Wreath

Here’s a fun way to use up all those colorful and bright Dum Dum candy wrappers. Simply put them together in an awesome wreath! What a brilliant idea! We also seem to have these dum dum lollipops in our house all the time and it’s great to finally have an idea for using those bright wrappers. This would definitely be a good project for the kids too - the whole family can get in the holiday spirit! 

How to Make a Christmas Wreath (Mary)

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4. DIY Rustic Christmas Wreath

If you love Farmhouse and Rustic home styles, you will LOVE this DIY rustic Christmas wreath. This wreath idea takes a basic green wreath and adds flocked branches and snow covered berries to round out and add fullness to the wreath. This is completed by adding some ornaments, hydrangeas, and jute ribbons. It’s stunning and so easy to do! Simply click on over to get the full tutorial. 

Christmas Door Wreaths (Nick Kreticos)

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5. DIY Crayon Christmas Wreath

Here is the perfect handmade holiday gift for a teacher. Take some colorful crayons and attach them to a simple wire wreath form. Add some whimsical ribbon and a small chalkboard to write the name and classroom on it. Overall, this project only cost this Hometalker about $10. Not bad for such a fun DIY Christmas wreath that any teacher would love. 

Christmas Wreath Making (Luz DIYs)

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6. DIY Copper and Gold Deco Mesh Holiday Wreath

If you love working with beautiful mesh wreaths - then you will love this project! This holiday wreath can be made from materials found at most craft stores. And, you can use pipe cleaners to secure everything - what a smart idea! This way, you can match the right colored pipe cleaner to the wreath so it blends in. Love that idea! Click through to get the entire tutorial and some other fun hints. 

Mesh Christmas Wreaths (Our Crafty Mom)

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7. Nautical Christmas Wreath

Ahoy, there! Perhaps you live by the water or a coastal town or you just love the style - here is the perfect DIY holiday wreath for you! Take an old ship helm and add some decorative and glittered snowflake ornaments. You can attach them to your “helm” with glue or putty. Then - add a decorative, glitter covered Tree to the center and some festive snowflake lights to make it even more magical. Final touch? A beautiful lacy white ribbon. What a genius idea!

Nautical Christmas Wreath (Kathie Nathey)

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8. Dried Clementine Christmas Wreath

Dried clementines are so beautiful and can bring such a festive look to your holiday decor. Simply dry out some clementines and attach them with ribbon to an embroidery hoop. This will make the perfect door wreath for the holidays! And it will smell fantastic too!

Dried Clementine Christmas Wreath (Elizabeth at Country Peony)

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9. Vintage Lights DIY Christmas Wreath

Here’s an idea for a really unique Christmas wreath using what you have around the house. Like old vintage light bulbs? This wreath is beautiful and really different. This Hometalker found the bulbs at an estate sale, but you may already have some laying around your garage or attic. Click to get the full tutorial on how she arranged and attached the light bulbs. This is sure to be a conversation starter with all those holiday guests and it has a great vintage holiday vibe to it as well!

Lighted Christmas Wreath (Fabiola Garcia)

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10. Easy DIY Paper Christmas Wreath

You will love the look of these paper star wreaths. They are simple and yet so elegant. With wire, some vintage paper stars, and a few other accessories, you can create this simple Christmas wreath. Make them in multiple sizes to hang all over your home - or use them as table decor for your holiday parties. Bend the wire into as big or small a circle you need. Click the link to see the full tutorial. Have fun!

Christmas Wreath Decorations (Joanna_ARTbyJWP)

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11. Paper Tube Holiday Christmas Wreath

Sometimes it just takes the most basic items to make a festive holiday wreath. This DIY Christmas wreath is proof of just that! This is made from paper tubes which are bent into a flower shape and finished off with a gold bow and some upcycled bobbles. Just a hot glue gun is needed to make this simple wreath! Click through to get the entire tutorial and you’ll be on your way! 

Christmas Wreath Ideas (Cindy @ Upcycle Design Lab)

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12. Dollar Store Christmas Wreath

Sometimes we don’t need to look any further than the dollar store to make a gorgeous holiday wreath. This one uses a basic wreath form and embellishes it with pretty red poinsettias, pine cones, and even reindeer ornaments - what a fabulous idea! 

Christmas Wreaths for Sale (Pam- P.S. I Love You Crafts)

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13. Super Easy and Sparkly Red Christmas Wreath

This project takes no crafty skills at all. And you can whip this DIY Christmas wreath up very inexpensively. Using your basic green foam wreath form, as well as some Christmas inspired decor items from the dollar store - you can make this festive and glitter covered holiday wreath just in time for company. Click through to see the entire tutorial! You’ll be glad you did. 

Artificial Christmas Wreath (Mary)

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14. DIY Grapevine and Laurel Door Wreath

These whimsical and organic Christmas wreaths are so beautiful and fun to put together. Plus you can use things you find in your own backyards. Add ribbon that matches your own Christmas decor or take a note from this Hometalker and use these pretty blue and silver ribbons. Add some berries for an especially festive touch! And, if you add herbs like rosemary, it will smell divine! 

DIY Grapevine and Laurel Door Wreath (Troom Troom)

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15. DIY Garden Holiday Wreath

This DIY wreath idea is simply stunning and includes materials found in - you guessed it - your garden! You won’t even believe that this started with a simple wire wreath form and some greenery that was headed for the dumpster. This tutorial uses berries from a nandina bush - but you can use any beautiful Christmas berries that you find. Simply attach the berries in a fan like manner to get this gorgeous holiday wreath that you can add all over your home!

A DIY Wreath From the Garden (Zest It Up)

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16. DIY Boxwood Christmas Wreath

Christmas doesn’t get more festive than simple and beautiful boxwood wreaths. But these wreaths, like many others, can cost so much money! Here is a simple tutorial for DIYing your own boxwood Christmas wreath. Simply take handfuls of boxwood from your own backyard and arrange them on a wire wreath form. Add a Christmas Colored Ribbon to complete the wreath. So easy to make and simply stunning!

Outdoor Christmas Wreaths (Catherine)

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17. DIY Holiday Chicken Wreath

Yes - this is a wreath shaped like a chicken. So unique! Great for a farmhouse or to fit in with your other rustic decor items. Who said wreaths have to be in a circle shape all the time? This wreath uses natural and organic materials - like cedar, magnolia leaves, pine cones and berries. A festive ribbon is added around the “neck” to complete the holiday wreath. Don’t forget your chicken feet!

DIY Holiday Chicken Wreath (Melissa Caughey~Tilly’s Nest)

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As you can see, there are so many ways to DIY your own Christmas wreath. And it’s so much more economical than buying one from the store. Also a plus - this activity is sure to get you into the holiday spirit. Invite some friends over for a wreath making party and you’ll have some holiday wreaths to decorate your whole house in no time!

Here are some unique ways to display your wreaths. Of course, there are door wreaths - they simply get hung on your front doors! But what about other places to display your beautiful creations? How about the back of your dining chairs? Another great place to hang a wreath is on your walls or indoor doors. And windows! Make a natural Christmas wreath to hang in each window and secure it with a ribbon.

Use smaller wreaths as napkins rings or table card holders. So festive and inviting for guests! Hang gorgeous outdoor wreaths on your fences for a holiday touch. You can also hang wreaths on top of your mirrors in your house. As long as it’s one you don’t use too often - this is such a pretty look though. Simply secure them with a ribbon. DIY wreaths can also be used on tables as candle centerpieces. Simply lay them down and insert a candle holder in the middle - simple and elegant and inexpensive! Wreaths can be hung on bookcases and over your bed too. Get creative and add some holiday cheer to each room.

Today, we showed you how to DIY your own Christmas wreaths using unique materials, such as the vintage light bulb wreath, the vintage paper star wreath, dum dum wrappers, crayons, and dried clementines.

We also showed you that you can take colorful Christmas tree ornaments and incorporate them into your wreaths - this is great because they can easily match with your holiday decor!

Don’t forget that your own backyard is a wonderful source of materials for natural and organic wreaths, such as a simple boxwood wreath, a berry wreath and grapevine wreath. And wreaths certainly don’t have to be circular - if you check out that unique Chicken Wire Wreath!

Whatever your decor style is - there is a DIY Christmas wreath for you here!

Let’s not forget that Hometalk is a great source of inspiration for other holiday DIY wreaths too - you can find all kinds of DIY wreaths for fall, Halloween, and Easter just to name a few.

Do you have a great idea for a DIY wreath? We would love to see it! Upload your DIY holiday wreaths on Hometalk today!

Written for the Hometalk community by: Karen | Decor Hint

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