How to Make a DIY Balloon Wreath For Your Holiday Party

This cheerful decoration combines balloons and a cardboard base for an eye-catching holiday party piece.

A balloon wreath is a fantastic way to infuse your Christmas decor with color and playfulness, perfect for brightening up any space in your home. Explore the steps below to bring this joyful DIY oversized Christmas decoration project to life!

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Tools and materials

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Balloons and cardboard
Drawing a circle with a Sharpie and string

1. Draw a circle on cardboard

You want to grab a big piece of cardboard and we're going to draw two circles. This is the easiest way to draw a circle. Tie a piece of string to a Sharpie.

Find the middle of the cardboard and hold the string there and then take the sharpie and just spin it around in a circle and make sure you keep that center point held tight with your finger.

Drawing a circle inside to make the wreath shape

2. Draw a smaller circle

Then I'm going to make the string a little bit shorter and draw a second circle on the inside.

Cutting out the wreath form with a knife

3. Cut out the wreath shape

Now I'm just going to use a knife to cut these out.

DIY cardboard wreath form

I do want the round shape, but I'm not too worried about the edges being perfect here because they're going to be covered up with lots of balloons.

Blowing up balloons with a pump

4. Blow up the balloons

Now we need to blow up a bunch of balloons. I have about 40 green balloons and about 8 red balloons. These are regular-sized balloons, but I'm only going to blow them up about halfway so they resemble more circles than ovals.

You can blow these up the old-fashioned way or you can grab a balloon pump like this for a couple of dollars from the party section. It makes the job a lot easier.

5. Cut X's in the wreath form

So you want to grab a craft knife and I am just cutting little X's right into the cardboard.

I want to make sure they go all the way through, but I just need an X and I'm making an alternating pattern here; one X on the outside, one on the inside, and I'm going to go all the way around the wreath.

Making crosses with a craft knife

6. Push the balloon ends through

To put the balloons in, I'm going to take the end of the balloon and push it through that X. I'm using just a popsicle stick. You could use a chopstick or any kind of blunt tool that you have to push it through.

Once I get the edge through, I can pull until the knot pops through and that's going to hold the balloon in place. Now I'm just going to repeat this until I have the whole wreath full.

Attaching the red balloons with glue dots

7. Add the red balloons

Now that I have all the green up on the wreath, I hung this up on the wall just on a command hook so I can see where the gaps are.

But now I want to add some red in there and I am using some strong adhesive glue dots to do this. You could also use double-sided tape. Just stay away from hot glue or anything that takes too long to dry.

Cutting out an oval shape for the bow

8. Make a bow

This wreath needs a bow.

Draw an oblong

So with a big piece of red poster board, I'm just going to draw kind of an oblong shape. It's going to have a squared-off edge on one side and a pointed edge on the other. Then I'm going to fold the poster board in half and cut out two of these shapes.

Hot-gluing the ends of the bow

Glue the edges together

I'm gluing the middle two blunt edges together using hot glue. Then I'm taking the pointed edges and I'm folding them over to the middle to create the bow.

Gluing the middle of the bow

Glue the middle of the bow

I'm just using a rectangle of leftover poster board to wrap around the middle to finish it off.

Adding the bow tails

Add bow tails

Finally, I'm cutting two smaller pieces of poster board to act as the tails of the ribbon.

9. Attach the bow

This bow can be attached to the wreath with those glue dots. Just put a bunch of them on and you can attach it directly to the balloons.

DIY balloon wreath

DIY balloon wreath tutorial

This is such a fun and festive decoration. It would look really great on a mantle or anywhere that you want to add some color and some whimsy to your Christmas decor.

I hope this inspired you to create your own DIY Christmas wreath. Let me know what you think of this project in the comments below.

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