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Super excited about this project.. especially when part of my non obedient crafting supplies was organized. Not going to lie but it took me a hot minute or two to finally get it going. On my last trip to Dollar Tree I found wreath form in a shape of a star so i picked it up not really knowing what I am going to do with that but knew that this idea will come soon.. and it did. Are you ready to have fun with me creating that I know now kind of boho style star wreath using nothing else then hula skirts from Dollar Tree. Let’s have fun with Dollar Tree star wreath form. Are you ready for evergreen wall decor idea ? Check other stars on my blog HERE

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How to make boho style star wreath My goal here was to wrap my hula skirt around this star form wreath. Not going to lie I started to simply wrap but soon my project started to speak to me since my way was way too messy. Tying sections of my hulas skirts were a key to make this wreath. I decided to tie loosely sections around 4 inches a part. My goal was to touch my tied section to each point of a star

As I am looking at my wreath I can truly say that it will stay at display all year round. So love this Dollar Tree wreath form diy

It took two skirts to make this wreath. Begin from highest point and tie your skirt to it. Don’t worry about hot gluing it yet. That is last step.

When all is secured make sure to twist and tie another section to lowest point of your star wreath form. and continue till half of your form is covered. One hula skirt covered half of my form. Not going to lie it is getting thinner but you can double twist as i did

It is for sure easier to turn your wreath form on the back to make sure all is nicely tied and secured to guarantee perfect coverage. Repeat the same steps with second hula skirt on the other half of the wreath

Love that boho feel to my wreath. Don’t get discouraged when you see flyaways all around . They are super easy to take care of . I decided to embellish each star arm with sliced wooden beads and touch some flyaways with a bit of hot glue

I did wanted to have a clean visible center in my star so I wrapped ends of my hula skirt around the center and secured them with husk. Make sure to check my video on YouTube for all details below

Recap of my boho evergreen wall decor idea below on my YouTube channel

Perfect evergreen wall decor idea!

Can’t wait to transfer that boho style wreath into any season of the year.

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