Easy DIY Poinsettia Door Or Wall Decoration In Ten Minutes.

2 Materials
10 Minutes
Easy peasy, and no wreath form needed. This idea is simple, quick, and budget friendly idea to make a few poinsettia decorations this season.

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Two rolls of deco mesh in the 21 inch size. Cut 12 of the red in 24 inch pieces. Cut 4 of the green mesh in 30 inch pieces. Use a bowdabra if you have one to gather each piece in the middle and tie all the red together. Hint: Use two long red pipe cleaners-tie together-then add the 12 petals.
Now cut the green-gather in the middle and place on the back of the red. The tighter the middles the better.
Arrange all your petals to your liking. Done. You have the basic poinsettia flower and ready to add a center or keep it like they are. Make sure to add another pipe cleaner in the back and tie it on for a hanger.
For one of my centerpieces, I added last year's left over bulbs. I mod podged over all the glitter on them. I removed the hooks from the ornaments, and added/glued on pipe cleaners. I then waited for the glue to dry and tied on my center. I did use a dab of hot glue to keep the bulbs together. This wreath can hang on my fence, outdoors. **I am going to spray paint some old apple ornaments in gold, and add them as the center to my next flowers. I can make two flowers with one roll of 21 inch deco mesh red! These are so pretty and big.
Craft Hint: The holidays always have the prettiest, glittery ornaments and deco-yet-glitter ends up on the furniture and even on the guests! Mod podge over all the glitter will keep it in place. Walmarts carries it in a spray form-so be sure to pick up a can this season, and add it to all glittery pieces. :)
One more idea: Use white and red mesh for the petals. You will have a candy cane color that is very pretty. Add a stem but cutting the green mesh three feet, and roll it, and add to the back. This flower is simple and easy.

Have fun and our family wishes your family a very happy holiday season.
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Suggested materials:
  • Deco mesh   (Walmarts)
  • Pipecleaners   (Dollar Tree)
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