Super Easy, Super Simple, Super Christmas Wreath

I needed a wreath for one of my walls. It had to be easy to make, pretty, organic and inexpensive. The wreath checked all the boxes and turned out so pretty.
It only took a few supplies, all of which I had on hand - an old book, hymnal, sheet music or colored paper would all work, cardboard, raffia, moss and a glue gun. So I used a book that had been collecting dust for ages.
I tore out the pages which only took a few minutes. The edges don't have to be perfect, the jagged edges add to the rustic appeal.
Fold each page into a cone and staple at the bottom. It took me a few minutes to get my rhythm down, but once I did, it went pretty quickly.
Before I knew it, I had a pile of cones.
Next I took my cardboard (I actually used an old FedEx box) to create my base. I drew a large circle using a dinner plate for a template and the smaller circle was made with a bowl.
I glued the cones to the base using my hot glue gun - just a dot of glue at the bottom of the cone will hold it.
For the second row, I placed the cones in the spaces created by the cones in the first row to fill in the gaps and let the edges hang out into the inner circle.
Next I folded the edges to the back and glued them down to create a nice clean edge on the inner circle.
I kept adding rows until I achieved the volume I was looking for.
I then took some raffia and cut it about 12" long, folded it in half, tied a knot in the middle, put a glob of glue on the knot and placed it randomly between the cones.
Stagger the length of the raffia so it doesn't have a uniform look.
I then took tufts of moss, placed some glue at the base and stuck it throughout the wreath.
The finished product was exactly the look I was going for.
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