Hula Hoop Christmas Wreath

by Selena75
3 Materials
2 Hours
Like I said in my past post, I love repurposing items. One of the things that I have used several times is hula hoops. I have made stringy shimmery chandeliers, solar chandeliers, drapey curtains, etc., but I think the easiest is wreaths. I made one for my house a few years ago and I have had a lot of people complement it and asked where I got it from. It was so easy and inexpensive to make I figured I would walk through making one to share online so everyone can have one of their own!
This is the one I made for my house...
The first thing to do of course is gather your supplies. I used a 25 inch hula hoop and a 20 inch hula hoop, a whole lot of garland that I had left over from a project before, snowflakes from Dollar Tree, and snowy pinecones a friend gave to me. I added a pop of red with a few bows and a glittery Merry Christmas ornament. Let’s not forget about the glue gun and the plastic clothespins to hold things in place and not burn our fingers!
That a lot of Garland
I laid my hoops on the table with even spacing around between them. Nextar started weaving my Garland in between and around both hoops pushing it together tightly and making sure I keep my space even all the way around until I completely covered the hula hoops. I honestly do not know how many feet of garland are used for this project. As I said it was left over from something else so I have no tags telling me how much I was using and I did not measure.
Just keep weaving and pushing it together
I secured the garland at the end with some hot glue and clipped it with my clothes pants. Then I began spreading out my ornaments starting bows...
Before adding pinecones
Then I added the pinecones...
Then the snowflakes. Of course I secured them using hot glue.
On the top center I added my glittery merry Christmas sign to bring in more red. I layered it over a snowflake for dimension and pop.
I put it on snowflake to give dimension
That’s it! It only took a couple of hours and some leftover and free items in my Christmas decorations to make a 25 inch Christmas wreath. I am estimating it to cost $10 if you purchased everything. I paid one dollar each for the hula hoops. I know a lot of the ornaments I get are from dollar tree and you get multiples for one dollar. So actually the cost is up to how elaborate you want to get with your wreath.
Easy and cute!
As you can see the one I made a few years ago has lights, silver poinsettias, a cross and a star with the word hope in the center (All dollar store finds!) You can get creative and make it fit your theme or color scheme. (I used fishing line to make things hover in the center of the circle.) Have fun and make it yours!
Suggested materials:
  • Hula hoops   (Dollar tree)
  • Garland   (Had it)
  • Ornaments   (Had them)
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  • Gerta Kosho Gerta Kosho on Mar 25, 2020

    Did u add 2 hoolahoops together one smoller than the other one?

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  • Wendy Wendy on Oct 23, 2017

    You did a fantastic job! This is such a great idea, and they look beautiful!

  • 362917 362917 on Oct 28, 2017

    This is really a great-looking wreath! Looks easy enough for me to be able to make one for my front door this year. Thanks for sharing this with us!