Turn Brassy Gold Hardware Into Rubbed Bronze Easy as 1-2-3!

Highstyle Restyle
by Highstyle Restyle
If you haven't used Rub-n Buff, let me tell you it's one product that needs to be part of your bag of tricks. My latest project is restyling a vintage (as in it's been in my client's family since 1850) steamer trunk. I will be writing a blog post about the process but for now I wanted to share how you can update brassy gold hardware.
The trunk handles were missing and my client wanted us to replace them with as close to the original version as possible. The only problem was the mounting hardware was brand spankin' new. Thank goodness for amazing painting products to help solve this dilemma!

The brassy gold is on the left. Since the trunk is over 160 years old, I wanted the hardware to look as authentic as possible. I just rubbed a little bit of Rub'n Buff in Spanish Copper and the hardware was transformed into worn bronze.
Here's what the sides of the trunk looked like before we mounted the new handles.
I wish the leather appeared a little more worn but I'm ecstatic with the results. Now, this amazing steamer trunk looks weathered and worn in an extremely chic way!

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  • Char Char on Oct 24, 2015
    Would this work on VERY shiny bright gold hardware? My husband bought an old ice box at a church yard sale this morning. Circa 1890 he says. But the hinges and handles have been replaced at some point & he wants those to 'match' the look of the old box. Also, will this product damage or alter the color of the wood? Or should we just remove the hardware before applying this? Thanks
    • Highstyle Restyle Highstyle Restyle on Oct 25, 2015
      Yes, it will work and there are several colors to choose from if you're trying to match. It shouldn't damage the wood so you don't need to remove hardware. A little goes a long way with this product. Just apply with a cloth or tiny brush.