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The holiday season is around the corner, and here are our top picks for some of the best DIY holiday gifts we've seen this week! Check these out!

Holiday Gift Wreath

1. Holiday Gift Wreath

OK, it’s a gift and a wreath...and a gift that keeps on giving! This adorable DIY holiday gift by Hometalker Chas is sure to be a pleaser. This inexpensive gift wreath is easy to personalize too. Grab a Styrofoam wreath form, crepe paper, a scarf and some clothespins and the only thing left is to choose some gifts that you know the recipient will love. What’s not to love about a gift that doubles as holiday decor! Check it out

Great Holiday Message Board Gift

2. Great Holiday Message Board Gift

Here’s a quick and inexpensive idea for a holiday gift that will cost you almost nothing, but will be thoroughly enjoyed! For this awesome DIY holiday gift idea by Hometalker Lisa Hall Smith, you’ll need a reclaimed frame (with glass insert), paint or stain you have on hand and some imagination. Print any image you like, grab a sharpie and get ready to create a beautiful holiday gift that your friends will love!

Ornaments Make Great Gifts

3. Ornaments Make Great Gifts

We love planning ahead, and not only do these easy Christmas ornaments make great gifts, but they can be made in advance! Hometalker Ann M. was working on another DIY project back in August, and had lots of Air-Dry clay left. To make your own leaf ornaments, you’ll need clay and a leaf, or really any shape you’d like to mold into an ornament! Let them dry then paint and package and viola! -- beautiful DIY holiday gifts!

Heart Mug

4. Heart Mug

This super easy DIY project makes a great gift for any time of year! All you’ll need is a coffee mug, paper and permanent markers...that’s IT! Hometalker Chas shares his adorable idea that the teacher, mom, co-worker, friend or child in your life will cherish. Check out the full tutorial, you won’t believe how simple this one is!

Lemon Salt Scrub

5. Lemon Salt Scrub

This lemon salt scrub makes a great party favor, craft night project or DIY holiday gift! You’ll need salt (unless you want a sugar scrub, because that works too!), lemon juice and any oil of your choosing. Hometalker Chas includes the full recipe here. Package and share this awesome DIY gift with your besties!

6. Candy Dish Gift Idea

These candy dishes make beautiful home decor, but can also be given as gifts this holiday season. Your friends will be wowed by these stunning candy dishes that will add sparkle to any room. Hometalker Maria shares this amazing DIY holiday gift project, complete with a step-by-step video tutorial. Don’t miss this one, these are truly stunning!

Pressed Flower Suncatcher

7. Pressed Flower Suncatcher

This unique project makes a great gift that will be treasured for years to come! Depending on your climate, you might have to plan quite a bit ahead for this one; you’ll need fresh flowers and time to press them. If you’re under a blanket of snow during the holiday season, get started early on this one! You’ll need flowers and two picture frames for this DIY holiday project. We love the sophistication and simplicity of this one.

Heirloom Recipe Dish Towel

8. Heirloom Recipe Dish Towel

Here’s a unique gift idea with a beautiful sentiment. Do you have a recipe handed down to you by a special someone that you’d like to preserve? This is the perfect DIY holiday gift to share with friends and family who want to keep precious memories. Hometalker Chas shares this sentimental heirloom project using her grandmother’s recipe, which she then gifted to aunts and uncles. You’ll need your favorite heirloom recipe, a dish towel, and iron on transfer paper. The details are all here:

Form And Function Gift Tray

9. Form And Function Gift Tray

This beautiful tray can be gifted or kept for yourself, and is definitely one the best DIY holiday gifts we’ve seen! Hometalker Madison McGahan shares her gorgeous DIY; a beautiful wood tray she made for her husband who loves to enjoy his meals in front of the TV during football season. Madison designed this DIY project from scratch, and you can follow her step-by-step instructions to create your own beautiful serving tray that can serve as a beautiful piece of home decor when it’s not in use.

Glowing Photo Holder

10. Glowing Photo Holder

Check out this super simple DIY holiday gift idea. You can gift this awesome glowing photo holder during the holidays, or any time of year! You’ll need a glass candle holder or square vase, some LED lights and your favorite photos. Personalize for that special someone or add holiday embellishments for cute home decor. Get the full tutorial here:

Beaded Decorative Pillows

11. Beaded Decorative Pillows

These beaded decorative pillows make an excellent DIY holiday gift! The store bought equivalents can cost hundreds of dollars but you can DIY these pillows on your own for a fraction of the price! Hometalker Bobbie M shares these beautiful pillows, and to make your own, you’ll need leftover floral fabric, and lots of extra beads. The sewing takes time and patience and is a great project to do at night when you’re relaxing or watching TV. These stunning pillows are worth it; your friends and family will love the personalized gift!

Burlap Heart Pillow

12. Burlap Heart Pillow

Simple, fun and inexpensive… a perfect DIY Holiday gift make! This adorable burlap heart pillow by Troom Troom makes a perfect gift for your favorite teacher, co-worker or friend. You’ll need some burlap and trimmings like ribbon, buttons, and beads, and this festive handmade heart shaped cushion will become a wonderful gift.

Steampunk Monogram

13. Steampunk Monogram

Who says DIY holiday gifts have to be typical?? Check out this original steampunk house address monogram by Hometalker Ariel, and it’ll get your gift-giving gears turning! You can make this one for yourself, or make a few for your friends as DIY holiday gifts. Your people will love this! To create one yourself, you’ll need tiles, gears, keys and lots of imagination. Check out the full tutorial here:\

Easy Beautiful DIY Fall Candle

14. Easy Beautiful Fall Candle

This beautiful fall candle not only brings fall into your home, but it’s easy and smells great too! This easy fall decor idea also makes a great gift. To make your own, you’ll need Indian corn, a scented candle and a candle holder. Another easy one by Hometalker Chas! Get all the details here

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  • S.W. S.W. on Nov 02, 2017
    this list of diy holiday gifts is great - i get to save money and impress people with my diy skills just in time for holiday season

  • Yosig Yosig on Nov 02, 2017
    It's ridiculous how easy that heart mug project is. so creative and looks so great!