Christmas Gift - DIY Cheese Board

Christmas prep is in full swing around here and I must admit getting ready this early is one of the happy accidents of being a blogger! I've made my first Christmas gift this year, a DIY cheese board!
Yes, this gift is for myself but that doesn't matter really, this simple little gift in any shape or any size I think would be a huge hit this holiday season! I know that I would LOVE to get something so thoughtful and personally made.
I have to start at the beginning of how this little piggy came to be... when I was growing up, my Mom had a cutting board that was in the shape of a pig. It was a laminated cutting board and was very well used... This little pig has so many memories attached to him, all of the treasured times in the kitchen cooking with Mom, the fact that my Mother is no longer with us makes those memories that much sweeter. My Brother now lives in Mom and Dad's home and when we were cleaning up, it didn't seem right to take that little piggy out of "Mom's kitchen". Fast forward to this year... I asked my Brother to snap a photo for me, I wanted my very own piggy for my kitchen and thought what a wonderful gift this would make.
This is Mom's cutting board, photo by my Brother, Johnny.
This is the cutting board I used to make the cheese board. I bought this cutting board at a yard sale for $2. Pop by the blog to see the full tutorial and see how I made the piggy cheese board with this.
Here is the photo my Brother sent me, I expanded the photo of Mom's cutting board (until I was happy with the size) on my computer screen and then I simply traced it onto some tissue/tracing paper. Use a soft tipped felt marker and lightly trace.
I laid the tracing of Mr. Pig on the yard sale cutting board and sandwiched some chalk paper between tissue paper and cutting board, trace the piggy image onto the yard sale cutting board using a pencil and a heavy hand.

Then cut out the shape on the yard sale cutting board with a band saw/scroll or jig saw, sand, seal and you are done. More details on the blog, about what type of sealer I used etc.
This gift can be given exactly as shown or it can be included in a gift basket filled with all of your favourite cheeses, crackers and yummy homemade goodies...
Yum! I may or may not be addicted to cheese! I'm pretty proud of this little pig... for the way he turned out and now, I have one just like Mom's. I know she'd get a huge kick out of that. I hope I've inspired a little nugget of an idea for someone special on your Christmas list, even if it's just for yourself.

Pop on over to the blog, there you will find the full tutorial (all the details) along with 9 other unique Christmas gift ideas.
Laurie @ Vinyet Etc
Want more details about this and other DIY projects? Check out my blog post!
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  • Ok now I am going out to buy a jig saw! That's it! I must make these! And scour every thrift and second hand store in the area this weekend. Thank you so much!

  • Bev Bev on Nov 02, 2016
    I made my pig cutting board about 60 years ago at Bible School! It's been used for 'decorative' purposes only for many years now, but this sounds like a great gift for my grandkids who are leaving the nest and setting up their own kitchens now.