Christmas Words

A bit of bling at Christmas time.
Christmas Glitter Letters
Bought these letters from Hobbycraft which cost 2 Each. They were originally for decoupage but I thought they would be great covered in glitter for my fireplace.
I first gave them a coat of Paint on both sides, I had some left over grey underfoot which I just used up

Then I covered only one side with mod podge and worked quickly sprinkling the silver glitter all over, but not the bottom as this would probably make the letters not stand upright.
Close up , they actually look as though the glitter has some black in it but I think it's just the flash from my camera
The glitter was silver and purchased from John Lewis for 4.

They also do a Gold

I covered four letters and did not even use half the glitter.
Lastly I will give them all a coat of Mod Podge to seal the glitter as I'm sure after time it will come away little by little.

I also have another set which I would like to do in White Glitter if I can pay my hands on any.

These are quite large but they do come in smaller sizes for I think 1 Each.
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