Dress Form Christmas Tree MINI

This is a small version of the popular Dress Form Christmas Trees seen on line. This is a great way to incorporate this current Christmas trend into your home on a smaller scale.
I had seen the popular Dress Form Christmas Trees on line. Since I up cycle for a living I knew this was the perfect project for me. I knew I wanted to make this on a smaller scale I was actually looking for one of those jewelry stands shaped like a dress form. Even better, I found this dress form and a wreath at Goodwill!
I used some ivory ribbon that I had in my ribbon stash. I felt it was perfect for the bodice because it looks like raw silk. The trim at the neckline was actually a piece I pulled off a previous frame I up cycled (see it pays to be a craft hoarder LOL). I tried many different wrapping techniques and finally settled on this one. I used Fast Grab Tacky glue (I really dislike glue guns) and pinned the ribbon into place until it dried.
Skirt time! I have to say I was very excited to start this project. I found some instructions on line that said to use wire mesh to attach the branches. I actually had some in my stockpile so I cut it to size and everything then I decided to scrap that idea. Once I deconstructed the wreath I figured out that it was going to be pretty easy. I pulled one strand off of the wreath and then flattened it out.
Since all of the branches are on bendable wire, it was pretty easy to apply it to the dress form. I just wrapped it around her hips and pulled out pieces along the way. I used branches from the previous rows to attach the next row by wrapping around each other.
When it was all set up to my liking I hot glued (UGH, wouldn't you know it I burned my finger, of course!) the skirt to her waist.
I added some wire ribbon to add texture and a bow to the bodice. I also wrapped some ribbon around her waist to define her waist line.
I used some of the gold leaves from the picks on the wreath and some ribbon roses to the bow.
I also added some pearls to her neckline and an old earring to the front of her dress.
Now she is ready for all of the Christmas festivities! If you would like to purchase this little beauty she is available in my shop at Handmade at Amazon. http://www.amazon.com/Dress-Form-Christmas-Cycled-Friendly/dp/B016N6WXNQ/ref=sr_1_3?s=home-garden&ie=UTF8&qid=1444848629&sr=1-3&keywords=dress+form+christmas+tree
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