It’s almost spring! Thank God! It was way too cold here in Texas for my liking this winter. And I started to get my spring decor together and decided to do some simple DIY Easter decor projects, every week I’ll share another project that you can do along with me! First up Easter Egg Nests!
Aren’t these cute! the best part about this project is that it literally cost $2. A quick trip to dollar tree and I got my two materials. Spanish moss and mini glittered Easter eggs.
I got these cute little serving dishes from my Aunt Cookie, I keep them out year round as decor and during parties they are great for appetizers, peanuts or sauces. And I thought they were just the right shape to form nests.
So all I did was cut some Spanish moss and kind of shape it where there was space for the eggs…and perfection! Aren’t these cute! I made 6 nests total and I can’t wait to show you where these go in the next Spring decor series. Stay tuned! What are your spring decor ideas?
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