Easy Decorative Tray With Round Legs. -Build and Decorate

5 Materials
45 Minutes

This DIY project is perfect for any beginner! Let's create this simple decorative wooden tray with round legs. You will need just a few materials.

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Hi guys! Let's create this simple decorative wooden tray with round legs. I recently took a trip to my local Michael's store to see what I could find for creating a decorative tray for my sister who currently lives in Hawaii. I was excited to find quite a few options, but I decided to go with this. It was such an easy DIY project, and took very little time.

Materials needed for this

- One pack of wooden doll heads. - $4.49

-One Wooden plaque. - $6.49

-Sponge brush

-E6000 Adhesive

-Wood Stain (I used Mocha for my stain)

Creating your tray

Begin with moving to a well ventilated area. Place a bag, or tarp over your work space. This will help protect your work area from accidental spills, or splatters when you begin to stain your tray, and tray legs. Start off with staining your wooden plaque. Apply the stain on the front, sides, and bottom. You will want to completely cover your plaque with the stain. Once that is finished, set it aside and allow it to dry.

Take your wooden doll heads, and repeat this step. Apply stain on all four wooden doll heads. Once you have done this, set it aside and allow for the doll heads to completely dry.

Once everything is dry, flip your plaque over, and apply some glue on the bottom surface of your wooden doll heads. Place them onto your plaque. You will continue this step until all four wooden doll heads are added onto the bottom of your plaque. Set your tray aside, and allow the glue to completely dry. Once the glue is completely dry, you can now start to add on your decorations.

I wanted to show my sister how her tray would look when it was finished. I added a few Autumn decorations onto the tray.

Just a few ideas for your tray

You can add mini lights, greenery, an LED candle, and some cute framed art.

You can add an autumn garland, scarecrow, and a mini pumpkin, and fall decorative lights.

Anything can be added to your tray, and I love that you can decorate your tray to match the current season. Have fun with it, and explore different design styles.

I hope that you all have enjoyed this simple DIY project that is perfect for any space in your home, and can match any theme.

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I'll see you soon!

Suggested materials:

  • One Wooden plaque
  • One pack of wooden doll heads
  • E6000 Glue
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